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With a long tradition of excellent service and performance since 1846, Berkshire Bank knew it was time to redesign its website to better align with its current brand, business and technology objectives, as well as strategic priorities. After looking for a digital agency that understood the Bank’s vision and had the experience and expertise to bring this project to reality, Berkshire Bank chose ZAG Interactive.

Setting a strategic plan

This large initiative began with a discovery session which brought both teams together to explore important objectives for the website redesign and conceive initial ideas. Berkshire Bank knew it needed a flexible, scalable website that emphasized and enhanced its brand, while providing visitors with a valuable resource for their banking and life planning needs. ZAG’s strategy team first developed a new, modern website architecture that makes it easier for visitors to find what they need, while streamlining the user experience and creating flexibility for the site to grow over time. The design and strategy teams then collaborated to lay the strategic foundation for the site design by wireframing key page layouts.

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The new Berkshire Bank website is a tremendous improvement that now offers a fully mobile optimized platform and easy to use features. Its state-of-the-art design and cohesive navigation offer a streamlined approach, making navigating the site seamless. The site features updated technology and graphics, which will appeal to our customers and transport us into the new generation of web-based consumption. Plus, it offers a relevant interface that is reminiscent of other sites and social apps that online users are accustomed to using.
- Vanessa Pesa, AVP Marketing Compliance and Project Officer

Branding by design

Delivering an on-brand experience, the new website embraces the Berkshire Bank colors and captures the Bank’s character through many custom design elements. To create excitement and bring out the brand, the new website design uses relatable photography, iconography and subtle animation to position the Bank as a leading yet local financial institution. The new design strategy is highly focused on helping customers at every step – from relevant resources on specific product pages to a solution finder that connects common customer needs with related products and services. Conforming to current ADA guidelines, the new site also makes visitor usability a key priority.

Marketing that makes a difference

To increase online visibility of the website, ZAG’s marketing team created a custom search engine optimization strategy. Leveraging local keyword research and SEO best practices, the SEO strategy, combined with updated, easy-to-understand website copy helps prospective and existing customers find and understand Berkshire Bank’s solutions. Highlighting key site elements and enhancements, a website tour allows for a simple, seamless transition to the new site. Additionally, ZAG developed a landing page layout for Berkshire Bank to use in future campaigns – offering a conversion-focused experienced to help visitors along their journey.

The financial industry is at a place where it is shedding the traditional banking approach and transitioning toward a space where consumers desire banking at their fingertips. MyBanker is Berkshire’s approach to bridging the gap and offering banking services when and how the customer wants it, by offering next level concierge service no matter a client’s income or wealth, at no cost. MyBankers embrace the convenience of technology but provide the human touch in a digital age. This new website perfectly complements this new banking environment and the mission of MyBanker. By allowing the customer to choose their banking solutions by focusing on their next adventure, it aligns itself well to the MyBanker strategy to providing priority service on the customer’s schedule.
Ken Seeber, SVP MyBanker Leader

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Driven by technology

Since the previous website hadn’t been updated in quite some time, sophisticated technology was a critical component of the Berkshire Bank redesign. ZAG chose the Kentico content management system for this bank website, because of its combination of robust out-of-the box options, as well as capabilities for customization. Facilitating ongoing management for administrators, the site features an intuitive interface, as well as rates management and location management tools for seamless sitewide updates. The CMS also offers sophisticated marketing features that will be used as the Bank continues to grow.

The result is an exciting new website for Berkshire Bank that will help the Bank better support its customers, marketing plans and surround-sound brand experience.

Website accessibility and ADA compliance are crucially important in today’s banking environment. The website design offers a clean and intuitive platform with consistent navigation and flow. Visitor usability has always been an important focus and this website truly showcases our attention to those details.
Ashlee Flores, SVP, Compliance

Before & After

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