Bella Sophia Baking Company

A sweet responsive website for a specialty bakery

Bella Sophia Baking Co. is a specialty bakery in Connecticut known for its wide variety of flavorful homemade whoopie pies, biscotti and their unique "uglies". They approached ZAG Interactive in need of a new website with a stronger marketing focus, smarter navigation, better user experience (UX), and easier manageability of updates. ZAG incorporated all of these essential ingredients, while placing their baked goods front and center to the audience.

Branding and positioning — baked right in
First and foremost, ZAG consulted with Bella Sophia during discovery sessions to uncover the specialty bakery's brand attributes, product offerings, service areas and more. From there, the digital agency worked with Bella Sophia to differentiate the specialty bakery within the competitive confectionery marketplace, focusing on its alternative treats, high-quality ingredients, and convenient ordering options. The unique positioning included redesigning the logo, writing a compelling back story and injecting new flavor into all of the product descriptions throughout the site redesign. Naturally, arriving at such strategic recommendations required intensive market research of Bella Sophia's delectable treats!

A delicious, modern design
Complemented by its new logo, ZAG designed a site that focuses on the aesthetic appeal of the baked goods. Featuring a generous helping of close-up photos that showcase all of Bella Sophia’s treats, the site puts the product in the forefront By emphasizing attractive photography and minimizing written content on the home page, ZAG helped Bella Sophia present a welcoming message and promotional content to entice visitors and lead them quickly and easily into specific pages of the site. Best of all, ZAG leveraged responsive design technology to make sure that Bella Sophia's customers can satisfy their sweet tooth, regardless of device.

Robust Shopify e-commerce functionality
ZAG developers built the site with e-commerce functionality using the Shopify content management system (CMS), enabling Bella Sophia to take online orders for the first time. Customers can easily choose baked goods in various combinations of flavors and amounts using the site. This modern convenience is important for marketing Bella Sophia nationally and allowing them to send baked goods far beyond the company’s local area. On the backend of the site, Bella Sophia is able to easily swap out promotions and products, proving to be the cherry on top for the client.

SEO and creative copy to tempt visitors
On the pages highlighting specific baked goods, ZAG’s copywriting department was granted creative license to write mouth-watering descriptions full of fun and personality. Sprinkling SEO-friendly keywords throughout the site, our writers looked for opportunities to create light-hearted content for Bella Sophia while simultaneously focusing on the multiple characteristics of Bella Sophia that differentiate the company from the competition.

The result is a sweet website that matches the quality of Bella Sophia’s confections.

Bella Sophia Bakery in CT Bella Sophia Bakery - ZAG Redesign