Ardent Credit Union (redesign)

A local, relatable, modern credit union site for this Philadelphia institution

After nearly 40 years of service, the former Sb1 Federal Credit Union underwent a major metamorphosis into Ardent Credit Union. With the adoption of a community charter, Ardent now extends its robust line of banking and financial services to residents of the greater Philadelphia area. Ardent plans to draw new members with this overhaul of brand and image while continuing to serve their existing members and corporate clientele.

The new, diversified Ardent Credit Union relied on ZAG Interactive to create a site with member-first orientation through a website architecture system that grants current and potential members easy access to informative resources and allows them to establish communication with Ardent in multiple ways.

Local, relatable design

With its services extending through Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, Bucks and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania, Ardent’s site appropriately includes recognizable visuals and photography that’s representative of the area, assuring customers that they’re working with a credit union that knows no other home than the City of Brotherly Love.

The responsive design expresses the casual, relatable lifestyle of its members and offers visitors the opportunity to explore the array of banking and lending services that Ardent offers, without overwhelming them. Visitors are able to access rates, explore products and services, apply for a loan and contact Ardent in fewer than a handful of clicks. The new, AA compliant design also underwent UX testing to confirm that it would meet member needs. To aid with digital brand consistency going forward, ZAG created a web styleguide that helps Ardent’s team understand how the brand needs to be consistently portrayed in digital spaces.

Less-is-more content approach

In line with an emphasis on their new directive, “Focused, determined and striving for yes,” ZAG refurbished Ardent’s web content tone by taking a less-is-more approach to text. Gone is the “bank-speak” that folks associate with cold, high-rise financial institutions, replaced by a more casual and approachable feel that also supports Ardent’s SEO goals.

Kentico CMS development

ZAG’s development team supported the modern design with functionality that enhances the user experience, simplifies content management for Ardent administrators, and helps visitors quickly access information and tools they need to take care of their business. Built in the Kentico CMS, our development team integrated Ardent’s third-party online banking platform along with several other third-parties.

A custom rates management database enables Ardent officials to easily manage rates in a centralized location rather than spending time on piecemeal, page-by-page rate updates. Additionally, our team integrated custom event registration functionality.

The result is an impressive online presence for a redefined brand.

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