7 17 Credit Union

A website redesign to modernize the user experience for this Ohio credit union

7 17 Credit Union, based in Ohio, is committed to supporting its members, every step of the way. With deep roots in the community, 7 17 is focused on providing a progressive banking experience to members. As a long-time ZAG Interactive client, 717 hired us again to rebuild its website using the latest Kentico technology, while giving a small refresh to elements of the site that could work harder against business and member goals. 

decrease in bounce rate (year over year comparison)

Establishing a strategic foundation

ZAG conducted a discovery session with key project members and the credit union’s project teams to understand elements of the existing site that should remain intact, while identifying areas for improvement with the new site. ZAG then made updates to the site architecture that reflected credit union’s user experience and navigation goals, while keeping SEO best practices in mind.

Refreshing design elements for a branded experience

ZAG developed a new, custom responsive design for the website - being careful to keep design and user experience elements that were working well, while introducing some elements to ensure that the site was easy to manage and most useful to members. A new features band was introduced to product detail pages so that visitors can quickly digest page content and take action. ZAG also provided copyediting services for select pages to ensure that the tone and information was consistent and matched the new design well. Additionally, the site was also designed and developed to be conformant with ADA standards to achieve ultimate usability for all audiences.

Enhancing website marketing

To help 7 17 better compete in the marketplace, increase ranking in search results, and attract new members, ZAG was mindful of the site's search engine optimization (SEO) strategy while designing and building the site. SEO best practices included custom meta data for each page, technical SEO best practices and URL redirects for pages that changed in the architecture. 

Giving technology an upgrade

The new website is built on the latest version of the Kentico Content Management System - leveraging the latest MVC Microsoft technology while offering the updated site management features of Kentico's latest version. This custom build included numerous custom widgets and page types, as well as a custom rates management tool and a locations management tool.

Before & After

Use the slider below to see the before and after design.
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