Rates Management Tool

Imagine if you could centrally manage your institution's rates throughout your website with just a few edits. Now imagine if these rates magically updated within promotions, body text and more. You might just make a compliance officer smile if you're not careful. You've just dreamed up the Rates Management tool offered by ZAG Interactive - a feature we can build within your Sitefinity, Kentico or Umbraco website.

A Better Way to Manage Your Rates

  • Create a rate table and set effective dates for each rate, customized for your institution.
  • Display a formatted version of the full rates table by dragging it onto any page.
  • Pull rates from any content widget on the website, including home page banners, product pages, landing pages, and more.
  • Add and remove accounts and products, and add multiple rate columns for each account (including interest rate, APR and promotional rates).
  • Ask ZAG about how we can extend this tool to integrate with other third-party rate tools you might also work with.

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