Locations Management Tool

ZAG's Locations Management Tool allows you to centrally manage all of your business location information in one database. And, it provides your site visitors with a powerful interface to quickly find the location nearest them.

  • Let your visitors easily search for a branch or ATM within a familiar Google Map interface on desktops, mobile phones and tablets. Users simply enter their address or ZIP code and the closest locations are displayed along with links to location detail pages.
  • Allow visitors to search for both branches and ATMs, and even refine by ATM network, branch services or other custom criteria. 
  • Easily add/edit/delete branches and branch details as your institution grows and changes. And, integrate with other ATM tools if you need.
  • Each branch location will get its own page, which adds SEO value and affords the ability to enhance the user experience. Combined with localized SEO copywriting, this can support a targeted, local SEO strategy.

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