When Leonardo da Vinci drew the Vitruvian Man, he focused on the essence of proportion and placement. He was not yet concerned with the cut of the clothes the man would wear. Website wireframing is a similar approach to creating proportion for your website as part of our full suite of strategic services.

ZAG wireframes websites to show you the bones of your site – its structure, how it will function, how content will be utilized, as well as key tasks and features.

  • Strategize key page components
    Understand how your site’s header, footer, navigation, sidebars, promotional areas, headings, content and images will work together.
  • Determine page flow
    See how the flow of your website page templates will work, and provide conceptual buy-in to make the design phase focused on branding and beauty.
  • Strategy before design
    Finalize the design and UX strategies for each page template so that the design phase can focus on how to bring out the beauty and branding of your website.

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