Website Tour

Ever visit a restaurant regularly and then all of a sudden, they change the menu? It can take a little while to get your bearings and become excited about the updates. Relaunching a website can have the same effect on people. The solution? A website tour.

Site tours orient visitors to a new website, helping returning and first-time users feel comfortable with its features and functionality, and finding what they need. They can be as simple as a series of screens that visitors navigate through, or a custom site overlay that users can interact with. Here are some of the many benefits of a website tour, when planning your website redesign project:

  • Familiarize visitors with your new website

  • Highlight new website features

  • Demonstrate enhanced functionality

  • Communicate significant site details

  • Display the navigation structure and search

  • Showcase helpful tools and resources

  • Surface contact and location information

  • Point out product and service pages

  • Emphasize elements related to business goals

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