Website Personalization

Consider the times when you, as a consumer, felt truly connected to a company or brand. You likely experienced this when you believed the company was speaking directly to you and identifying with your life on a personal level. Chances are, personalized website marketing techniques were in place.

Achieving this level of connection requires significant research and effort to personalize a marketing message.

  • Members of your target audience must be surveyed and interviewed to determine your ideal patron, what they value most, their goals, what challenges they face and how you can assist them every day.
  • ZAG can help develop and execute a strategic personalization strategy within the Kentico CMS or using a third-party personalization service to enliven your marketing messages so they speak to your target audience’s goals, concerns and beliefs - and ultimately leads to conversion.

Website Personalization Process

Sophisticated personalization efforts will direct different, unique messages to potential, existing and former members of your target audience. ZAG will help you:
  • Identify key audiences that you want to cater to
  • Analyze all opportunities to deliver personalized content and experiences throughout your website experience and beyond
  • Create persona-based content and imagery
  • Setup the personas and personalization triggers within the Kentico CMS or a third-party service like UMarketingSuite
  • Assess and refine your personalization strategy to maximize conversions as the site grows and changes

of respondents report receiving a lift from their personalization initiatives; approximately half seeing a lift greater than 10%
(Source: eBankingExchange)
of consumers say they are only likely to use a brand's promotion if the promotion is tailored to their previous interactions
(Source: Marketo)
of consumers say personally relevant content increases their purchase intent
(Source: Marketing Insider Group)

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