Website Architecture

If your website architecture feels more like grandma's attic, it's time for ZAG to throw you a tag sale. Pages collecting dust? Ditch ‘em. Pages you don’t even remember creating? Bye Felicia. Trying to rank on search terms that you might not exactly have content for now? Time to trust the site architecture experts at ZAG to overhaul your architecture and navigation strategy.

The best websites are organized in a way that is intuitive, scalable, and familiar. End users should immediately understand where to find what they are looking for, and search engines should be able to easily crawl the site. For some sites this means a total architecture overhaul while for others it's more like spring cleaning. Whatever your site needs, we're up for the challenge.

Developing a Great Website Architecture

Whether you're in need of a site redesign or looking to build a website from scratch, a strategic website architecture is one of the first essential steps along the project life cycle. ZAG will:

  • Determine objectives 
    Consult with your key stakeholders during discovery sessions to uncover your business goals and marketing objectives.
  • Review current analytics and other data
    Review your analytics to understand  current pain points and determine opportunities to maximize success.
  • Follow best practices 
    Consider usability (UX) best practices, SEO goals, scalability and other key factors to develop a new, strategic website architecture.
  • URL redirects
    Document all existing page URLs, included branded or vanity URLs, to ensure redirects get put in place to their respective new site pages
  • Design components 
    Document preliminary ideas for each design template which will be further refined in the design phase.
  • Strategic sitemap 
    Deliver a strategic sitemap for internal review and finalization before the much more fun wireframing or design phases begin.

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