Website Usability Testing and Analysis

Having a beautiful website that doesn’t function properly is like owning a Ferrari Daytona Spyder with no engine. What’s the use? ZAG can help increase the effectiveness of your website through website usability testing and analysis.

of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience
(Source: eConsultancy)
of website credibility judgment is based on a website's overall aesthetics.
(Source: Stanford)

Website User Testing

  • ZAG typically conducts website usability testing comparing several different designs but we can also perform website user testing on a chosen design to confirm that it hits the mark with audiences.
  • Using online tools, we develop user test questions, set up your private user test, and release the hounds.
  • After careful monitoring, ZAG will compile an easy-to-read report summarizing test results, and create recommendations that will improve the success of the site.

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