Discovery Sessions

Your brand deserves more than a formulaic, recycled digital strategy. Your business is unique so your site strategy should be too. ZAG invests time in understanding your company/institution, identifying your business and audience needs, and creates a plan that we both agree will achieve your short and long-term marketing and business goals.

Our discovery sessions involve open discussions with your key stakeholders to connect with you on a personal level and ensure that we create a digital marketing strategy that fits your unique brand. We will determine what’s working and what’s not with your current digital strategy and collaborate with you to deliver the experience your audience wants.

What to expect with ZAG discovery sessions

  • We review your marketing plans, analytics data, and other relevant material ahead of the session. We are data geeks so if you want to invest in heatmapping of your current site, we'll happily pour through that data too.
  • We create a list of questions for you to answer ahead of the discovery session to help productively steer the conversation.
  • Together, we identify all goals, needs, obstacles and opportunities for your business.
  • Following the session, we will create documentation to identify the challenges, tactics, tools and services to get your business to where it needs to be. Once this milestone is checked, the fun of crafting your unique site strategy and design begins!

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