Website Launch Campaigns

If your redesigned website is like a new home, then consider a website launch campaign to be the housewarming party. You want to get people equally excited about your new site, invite them to check out the updated design, show off all its new functionality, and give them a reason to visit again.

Components of an Integrated Launch Campaign

Often times, a site redesign means refreshed branding and updated website architecture, requiring explanation to your consumers in advance to reduce confusion and increase acceptance. When redesigning a new site, online strategies such as search engine optimization and social media marketing will surely help to drive traffic to the new site, but other offline tactics including direct mail and print signage might be necessary to ease existing users through or fully explain the new site’s features. For these reasons, a comprehensive website launch campaign is the best practice for informing, transitioning, educating and incentivizing adoption of the future state.

Incorporating an integrated marketing approach, the website launch campaign ideally involves:

A crucial communication strategy to reach your end users, launch campaigns are a key technique to increase brand awareness, excite your target markets, and drive traffic to your new site prior to launch.

increase in new visitors

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Let's create excitement around your website launch with a strategic site launch campaign.