Traditional Marketing

The best digital honors tradition. That's why ZAG offers traditional marketing, which influences and enhances our digital solutions. From direct mail to outdoor advertising, we take the boring out of traditional.

Essentially, online marketing is a tactical evolution of the tried-and-true methods of traditional marketing. Often referred to as "push" marketing, traditional marketing's best practices – product, promotion, price and place – apply to contemporary digital marketing, as well. Moreover, traditional marketing can integrate seamlessly with online tactics for branding and positioning, inbound marketing, site design, social media marketing and more.

While ZAG advocates for and specializes in the digital space, our Connecticut-based agency's traditional marketing strategies focus on the following offline advertising tactics:

  • Direct Mail: Creating awareness of products and services through brochures, catalogs, fliers, postcards and sales letters sent through the mail to a targeted recipient list. Creating customized collateral from concept to completion, our print pieces often drive to a campaign landing page or microsite to encourage trackable conversions.
  • Print Advertising: Marketing products and services through magazines and newspapers as part of mass-marketed or niche-marketed strategy, ZAG concepts, writes, designs and releases print ads, working with our clients and publications to ensure a successful ad run.
  • Broadcast Marketing: Reaching a large audience through television commercials and radio spots for a limited time, our team conceives, storyboards and writes and supplies imagery for video marketing, while supplying concepts, direction and scripts for radio.
  • Outdoor Advertising: Conveying valuable brand impressions and concise messaging to a high volume of traffic through billboards, our combined marketing, copywriting and design professionals are capable of producing eye-catching billboards for outdoor advertising.
  • With the continued success of content and inbound marketing, it's critical to plot the customer journey using a strategic mix of targeted tactics and continuous channels. Combining both traditional marketing and online marketing promotions within an integrated marketing campaign can lead the consumer through the sales funnel with a higher degree of success.

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