Remarketing & Retargeting

Ever go window shopping on the web and then, upon visiting another site, see an ad for one of the products or services that you had previously browsed? Part creepy (we'll admit) yet part genius, this powerful marketing tactic – known as remarketing or retargeting - works and should be a part of every marketer’s toolbox.

A form of online marketing, remarketing (retargeting) allows advertisers to display ads to users who already visited their site, while subsequently surfing the Internet. When a visitor leaves your site, remarketing shows ads for your offerings across sites they visit. This additional exposure increases brand impressions and customer loyalty, while enticing your target markets to click and convert back on your site.

of brands are increasing their spend on retargeted search advertising
(Source: eMarketer)
of marketers spend over 50% of online advertising budgets on programmatic advertising
(Source: AdRoll)
of Internet users worldwide are reached through the Google Display Network
(Source: Google)

ZAG's Remarketing Services

Available via site, email, search and social media, remarketing is a cost-effective way to target consumers that are already interested in your goods, reminding them to take action, thus increasing conversion rates. ZAG's retargeting campaign specialists will help you tackle the 5 "Ps" of remarketing:

  • Planning: Meeting with you to discover your marketing goals and business objectives, our digital strategists determine the best approach for your remarketing strategy.
  • Platform: Based on your brand's unique needs and budget, ZAG evaluates a number of powerful remarketing tools, recommending the best solution to maximize your ROI.
  • Production: Our in-house copywriters and designers create display ads to promote your company's products and services.
  • Placement: Working with your company and the retargeting provider, ZAG assists in selecting the ad placements within the display network, buying the media space, and releasing the ad files on your behalf.
  • Performance: Measuring ROI, our team provides campaign reporting based on website statistics, remarketing platform indicators and your own business-oriented success metrics.

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