Integrated Marketing

You don’t just wax the front bumper of your car and call it quits. You meticulously polish every square inch of the exterior until it’s gleaming. Promotional materials should be treated the same way. When developing a marketing campaign, all of your program pieces should be created consistently and strategically, so that your business can shine.

Integrated marketing is the process of establishing consistent brand messaging throughout different marketing methods across multiple traditional and digital channels. Promoting your brand, product or service, integrated marketing campaigns create a conceptual hook and persistent messaging that span a number of coordinated marketing tactics. This unified, continuous approach helps expand your reach, reinforce your message and generate trust with your audience.

Up to 90%
increase in consumer's purchase intent when having one constant message across multiple channels
(Source: Forbes)

As a full-service agency, we’re able to accommodate the high-level cohesion necessary to produce integrated marketing programs. Our team of strategists, designers, copywriters and developers works closely to establish and execute comprehensive campaigns that support your overall marketing strategy. ZAG effectively plans, conceptualizes, executes and integrates marketing campaigns across all avenues, using tactics together to support a specific objective:

  • Social Media: Generate interest within a defined community with a great social media strategy
  • Websites: Increase awareness and foster familiarity among site visitors with a killer, responsive website that delivers consistent messaging
  • Landing Pages: Expand upon your message, motivate consumers and maximize conversions with strategic landing pages
  • Blogs: Position your brand as reputable industry resource through a powerful blog content
  • Search Engines: Improve your online visibility and attract interested consumers through SEO
  • Email: Establish and cultivate relationships with existing customers through targeted email campaigns
  • Traditional/Print: Increase impressions, create cognizance and drive digital action through print collateral
  • Content Marketing: Attract and convert with valuable, branded, consumer-driven collateral as part of a content marketing plan

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