Email Marketing

Email marketing is a valuable component of your marketing plan because it provides a channel to communicate information about products, services and events in a highly measurable manner. Want to give people an update? Email them. Want to drive people to your website? Email them. Want to know how to do this expertly and track ROI? Well, email us.

ZAG’s Email Marketing Services

Our strategic consulting supports email best practices, ensures integration with broader campaigns, assesses campaign analytics and recommends improvements for future campaigns. Whether you're happy with your existing email platform or looking for email services within your CMS, ZAG can help. We can:

  • Work with you to define your strategic email requirements and help define the templates you will need
  • Design email templates according to best practices and target audiences to achieve your campaign’s goals
  • Provide email copywriting services to ensure your message is conveyed succinctly and your calls-to-action are engaging
  • Integrate campaigns to ensure all touch points are addressed beyond the email for a cohesive digital experience
  • Help you monitor and measure email marketing success

Recipients are 75%
more likely to click on emails from segmented campaigns than non-segmented campaigns
(Source: MailChimp)
of consumers open their email based on how compelled they are with the subject line.
(Source: Convince & Convert)
of users report reading email on mobile devices
(Source: HubSpot)
of marketers said that targeted messages and personalization of email improves customer engagement rates
(Source: eConsultancy)

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