Web Style Guide

Your digital style should be consistent across all customer interactions. While you may use multiple vendors to support your digital needs, a web style guide can provide standards for all vendors to use. Shh - it will be our little secret.
ameris bank styleguide example

Today's reality is that there are many vendors involved in your digital presence. The vendor that creates and manages your website may be different than the vendor that manages your digital ads, mobile app or even interactive kiosks. But for your customers, the behind the scenes of your digital presence shoudn't matter. Your unique brand should always be consistent across every digital touchpoint. How can this magic happen? By investing in web style guide.

  • Clarify the overall digital brand strategy
  • Identify rules for design rules for your logo 
  • Clarify approved color palettes, typography and image styling
  • Establish approved site elements - from buttons and tabs, to table styling and more
  • Identify elements of each unique page layout