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Strategy, The Financial Brand May 27 2020
For consumers, ease of use of your institution's website can be a make or break experience. A UX fundamental that too often is overlooked is site navigation. Learn specific tactics to make your site one that other financial institutions will want to copy in this Financial Brand article written by ZAG Interactive.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
Marketing, Strategy May 15 2020
No matter how customers or members interact with your financial institution, their experiences should be the same. Your branches and website are two different ways of serving up the same products, services and support—and both are essential to your identity and communication as a financial institution. So why are banks and credit unions still making mistakes on their websites that they would never make in their branches? In a time when your website must do more of the heavy lifting, consider optimizing your online experience to make the transition to digital banking a seamless one.
posted by Ari Mason
Marketing, Strategy May 05 2020
As coronavirus sweeps the world, banks and credit unions are compelled to level up their websites—and quickly. Digital banking has become more critical than ever, with branches scaling back in-person services or closing altogether. But what happens after social distancing measures are lifted and this new normal changes once again? How will users interact with your website when it’s no longer the only solution?
posted by Ari Mason
Marketing, Strategy April 21 2020
From account opening to daily money management and everything in between, banks and credit unions need to provide consumers with easy and efficient ways to handle their finances on their own, and get help from a human when they need it most.
posted by Brenna Kelliher
The Financial Brand April 20 2020
There’s no question social media marketing is a must for nearly every bank and credit union. From saturated markets with tough competition to increased focus on the digital space, social media is necessary to the success of your financial institution. But in a world where the rules are constantly changing, how do you develop a strategy with staying power? This ZAG-authored Financial Brand article breaks down the differences and how to use them both effectively.
posted by Ari Mason
Announcements, Projects April 08 2020
With the first quarter of 2020 behind us, ZAG looks back at the website designs and redesigns we have launched for banks, credit unions and other industries. 
posted by Michelle Brown
Marketing, Strategy April 02 2020

While we are living in uncertain times, there’s a familiar “face” that can help establish a sense of normalcy with members and customers – your website. As the face of your financial institution, explore all the ways you can use your website to maintain relationships with audiences while the lobbies are closed.

posted by Brenna Kelliher