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Design April 01 2022
If you aren't already compressing your images before publishing to your website, read this article to learn why and how this is so important.
posted by Gregory Seay
CMS, Technology February 09 2022
Kentico Xperience released version 13 in October of 2020, and has been releasing additional features on a quarterly basis rather than doing this as part of annual upgrade which was done in the past. Learn about the first four refreshes to see what can benefit your custom site.
posted by Michelle Brown
Marketing, Strategy January 06 2022
The pace of life for a digital marketer is hectic and it's ok if you aren't 100% sure of all of the latest and greatest terms. Explore this brief digital glossary of terms that are coming up more and more so you can continue your digital marketing education, and impress the boss too. 
posted by Gregory Seay
Strategy, Technology January 05 2022
2022 is already shaping up to be an interesting year, and with that, digital marketers should look at trends to be as prepared as possible. ZAG has identified four predictions for 2022 that will be important to plan for so that marketers can maximize their success.
posted by Gregory Seay
Marketing November 08 2021

Google Analytics has become the most popular way to track website activity since it first debuted in 2005. By some accounts, more than half of the most visited sites on the web are using Google Analytics to monitor where their visitors are coming from and what they’re engaging with. There are many ways to customize your GA data such as tracking events, establishing conversions and logging custom dimensions, but not everyone has the time or resources to do that custom setup.

posted by Patrick Trayes
Marketing, Strategy September 28 2021
When done well, generational marketing is authentic and relevant to the audiences, and therefore inspires conversions. But unfortunately many marketers have a goal to attract "younger audiences" without a solid plan behind that goal. Learn what each generation is and what makes them tick so you can craft your campaigns for success.
posted by Michelle Brown
Announcements, Projects September 10 2021
Two of ZAG's website redesigns were recognized by the WebAwards for Outstanding Credit Union website and Bank Standard of Excellence. Learn more about these award-winning projects and pop the champagne!
posted by Michelle Brown