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Marketing, Strategy December 09 2013
A new year brings financial marketers new opportunities to achieve that age-old goal: Appeal to a broader member base. If your marketing efforts in 2013 didn’t achieve desired results, get a jumpstart on 2014 by planning around the trends identified by FI leaders.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
Announcements September 23 2013
Attracting your customers’ attention online is a challenge. Once you’ve engaged them, you don’t want to lose your opportunity. By creating a landing page that is simple yet strategic, your message will resonate with your audience because you’re not overloading people with too many messages. Keep your message and action items focused sharply on your campaign and your landing page will be more effective.
posted by Michelle Brown
Marketing March 06 2013
Most marketers don’t fully understand the importance of landing pages and microsites within a successful campaign. Directing people to a topic-specific sub page of your website is certainly better than just sending them to your homepage, but if you really want to hit it out of the park, invest in a dedicated, separate landing page or microsite.
posted by Michelle Brown