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Marketing January 15 2018
In 2018, SEO will continue to be a very important tool in most marketers' toolboxes. While SEO maintenance is key to preserving rankings, there are five important SEO trends to spotlight so that you can better plan your SEO strategy this year.
posted by Danielle Maglio
Marketing November 07 2017
With competition for high organic search engine rankings more intense than ever, companies need to evaluate dozens of aspects of their website to maximize performance. One of the most overlooked characteristics of a well ranked website is the site structure or architecture. Learn how site architecture and SEO are related, and get tips on optimizing your site structure.
posted by Danielle Maglio
Marketing, Strategy September 27 2017
You might have heard of and wondered what all the fuss is about. Learn what schema is, why you should consider using it to help your local SEO, and why you should consider partnering with a trusted agency to help you plan and implement it on your website.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing September 19 2017
Creating a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that drives quality traffic to your website involves continuously optimizing various elements to support your goals. From on-site keywords and content to off-site inbound marketing tactics, these strategies need to be continually nurtured to stay effective. Explore 10 of the biggest SEO mistakes that businesses make, which impede their SEO success.
posted by Danielle Maglio
Marketing May 12 2017
Understanding search intent, or what search engine searchers are actually looking for, and why, will put your businesses at a competitive advantage. Explore how SEO and search intent are intertwined, and why SEO isn’t a “set it and forget it” process.
posted by Danielle Maglio
Marketing, Strategy April 21 2017
Local search engine marketing is becoming increasingly important for local businesses to drive traffic to their website and physical locations. To earn business, you must optimize your website for local SEO. Learn why local search matters how to develop an on-page SEO and content strategy. 
posted by ZAG Interactive
Design, Marketing, Strategy, The Financial Brand January 10 2017
Check out 24 best practices for realizing the potential of your financial institution's landing pages, leading to more business for your bank or credit union.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi