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Marketing June 15 2016
Mobile is the predominant channel for social media. However, most social media marketing strategies are designed with a mobile-last mindset. This creates a poor customer experience and diminishes results. To lift your institution’s social media results, you need to think mobile-first, and optimize your marketing strategies for mobile while gathering results that demonstrate ROI.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing, Strategy, Technology December 02 2015
ZAG Interactive has compiled a list of 50 of the most useful digital marketing stats and trends to help you fine tune your budget, tactics and strategy for 2016.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing, Strategy July 08 2015
Have you ever browsed something online and then been treated to ads for it upon visiting other sites? That's remarketing in action! For marketers, remarketing is a perfect solution for audiences who aren’t quite ready to take action. For consumers, it provides that subtle (or not so subtle) reminder of their previous browsing experiences. Explore what makes remarketing important for today’s marketers.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
Marketing June 22 2015
Since 2004, the adoption of social media has seen explosive growth. Get access to the latest social media statistics that demonstrate that the age of social media has only just begun.
posted by Alexandra Giarratano
Marketing June 12 2015
Pins and posts. Fans and favorites. Handles and hashtags. The world of social media has exploded and along with it, there is a lot of lingo to add to your arsenal of digital knowledge. So reference this handy social media glossary to get up to speed, check your knowledge and impress your kids at the dinner table. #totesawesome
posted by Michelle Brown
The Financial Brand April 20 2015
Financial institutions must consistently engage consumers, while aligning to current business goals of the bank or credit union. In order to realize significant ROI from social media marketing, financial institutions need to understand how to properly leverage each of the major social media platforms.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
The Financial Brand March 03 2015
Why financial institutions should embrace social media as an integral ingredient in their overall marketing mix.
posted by Brenna Kelliher