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Marketing, Strategy July 09 2014
The ultimate success of a digital marketing campaign should not be solely measured by the number of people engaged or how many “likes” received – but instead by return on investment and other valuable key performance indicators related to business goals. A marketing campaign that is both successful and valuable should be anchored in business objectives and executed with strategy and creativity. So, how do you develop a truly effective digital marketing campaign?
posted by Brenna Kelliher
Design, Marketing May 22 2014
Recently, Twitter unveiled all-new web profiles to the public. Reminiscent of Facebook's layout, Twitter's updated profile design puts you and your brand in the forefront with an increased visual appeal. Let's see what's exciting and new with the Twitter profile.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
Marketing April 01 2014
Many marketers tend to think of a Facebook presence as simply a must-have, which it is. However, they often neglect to realize its full potential. And if they do understand the opportunities associated with utilizing Facebook as a marketing channel, they often aren’t leveraging it properly. Be sure to incorporate these seven essential elements into your Facebook campaigns.
posted by Brenna Kelliher
Marketing March 06 2014
Google+ is perhaps the most polarizing of the popular social media channels. Incorporating some of the best features of the most active social media networks, as well as its own distinct functionality, Google+ may very well move past Facebook as the most widely used social media platform in a few years. Still, brand marketers struggle to capitalize on the Google+ opportunity. Today, it could be argued that the most compelling reason for brands to engage on Google+ is simply because it is brought to us by Google.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
Marketing February 05 2014
We know, change can be a little scary. But it’s time to put a hold on that snail mail and pare back your print ad placements and start writing a blog, sending out tweets and optimizing your site. Inbound marketing is here to stay. A recent report indicated that 54% more leads are generated by inbound marketing than outbound marketing.¹ So, let’s explore some of the key inbound marketing concepts, why inbound marketing is necessary and how it fits seamlessly into your marketing plan.
posted by Brenna Kelliher
Marketing January 29 2014
Simply, Facebook Advertising is amazing. I’m not writing this article as a secret undercover agent for Facebook, just an avid strategist that has a lot of love for the advertising capabilities available on the platform. And I have seen it work. If you’re not achieving the results you hoped for with “organic” Facebook promotions, or if you just completely fell off the wagon and don’t even have a social media presence yet, this is for you - everything you need to know about advertising on Facebook.
posted by Brenna Kelliher
Marketing January 23 2014
Advertising messages bombard everyone every day and the old storytelling tricks are just that. It’s time to spike your messaging with honesty, authenticity and compelling storytelling so you can be heard above the white noise. We all know people love stories, so start telling more of the ones your audience wants.
posted by Douglas Malan