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Marketing January 05 2017
When was the last time you searched for a local business by thumbing through your local Yellow Pages book? If you have a local business that needs to drive traffic to a physical location and your website, it’s critical to optimize your site to maximize your search engine rankings. Follow these top ten best practices for local search engine optimization (SEO).
posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing, The Financial Brand December 06 2016
From building brand awareness to targeting specific consumer segments with product promotions, social media can help financial institutions achieve a wide range of business goals. Many banks and credit unions are still reluctant to fully embrace social media because they don’t see how it aligns with their real business objectives. Review nine different ways that social media can support your organization’s strategic goals and priorities.
posted by Michelle Brown
Technology November 11 2016
As we set our sights on planning for 2017, it’s valuable to review some key social media statistics, mobile statistics, user experience statistics, email marketing statistics and SEO statistics that have made 2016 so interesting.
posted by Patrick Trayes
Marketing, Strategy October 06 2016
Brands are now tasked with figuring out what content will resonate with their audiences, and the best ways to deliver that content. The digital age has given us more insight into what people are consuming, who they are, and what’s making them buy. The challenge for financial marketers is to figure out how to gain consumer’s attention in an over-saturated online world. Here’s a brief overview of some of best ways to develop and refine your social media and content marketing strategies to help your financial institution create and deliver effective content for your customers and prospects.
posted by ZAG Interactive
The Financial Brand September 22 2016
Nearly every bank and credit union on the planet has dabbled in social media marketing to some extent. But success has been elusive. Many are still perplexed about how they can get more traction, traffic, engagement, clicks and conversions from the content they share in social channels.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
Marketing June 15 2016
Mobile is the predominant channel for social media. However, most social media marketing strategies are designed with a mobile-last mindset. This creates a poor customer experience and diminishes results. To lift your institution’s social media results, you need to think mobile-first, and optimize your marketing strategies for mobile while gathering results that demonstrate ROI.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing, Strategy, Technology December 02 2015
ZAG Interactive has compiled a list of 50 of the most useful digital marketing stats and trends to help you fine tune your budget, tactics and strategy for 2016.
posted by ZAG Interactive