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Marketing, Strategy August 20 2018
Common digital goals include driving website traffic, improving online engagement, supporting SEO, making a website ADA conformant and more. Explore solutions that can help you achieve these objectives.
posted by Brenna Kelliher
Marketing June 20 2018
Instagram is evolving. The tactics of creating short Instagram Stories or longer Instagram Live videos and turning them into a permanent Story Highlight is a great solution for adding an extra layer of branding while being able to showcase your top content longer-term on your profile page.
posted by Rachel Avery Conley
Marketing June 19 2018
Facebook's platform is constantly changing. It can be tough for social media marketers to keep up. However, if you are running Facebook ads or posting organic content for your business, make sure to prioritize these six action items for 2018. 
posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing May 21 2018
Marketing automation has been a buzzword in the marketing space for a while now. The problem lies when an organization starts by choosing the marketing automation technology first. A better approach may be to start backwards: think of the business objectives and goals and how to achieve them before anything else.
posted by Rachel Avery Conley
Design, Marketing, Strategy October 06 2017
Landing pages are essential to driving conversion with digital marketing campaigns. However, many businesses aren’t using landing pages is because they aren't sure how to set them up or optimize them properly. Follow these seven landing page best practices to increase conversion. 
posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing, Strategy, The Financial Brand June 29 2017
To drive measurable growth, bank and credit union marketers need to target key audiences with relevant content to that speaks to their specific needs at each stage of the funnel. Now that people can be targeted in digital channels with amazing accuracy, it makes financial sense to move budgets away from traditional media towards content marketing strategies that focus on generating leads, growing relationships and improving the bottom line. Explore 3 tips to create content and social media marketing that sells, in this ZAG Interactive article published in The Financial Brand.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing, Strategy, Technology June 01 2017
Today's marketing campaigns and websites need to not only be attention getting, but also compliant. Explore four compliance must-haves including ADA website compliance, CAN SPAM rules for email marketing, the FTC's endorsement guidelines for testimonials and influencer marketing, and running legal sweepstakes and contests. 
posted by ZAG Interactive