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Marketing, Strategy December 31 2020
It’s no secret that 2020 was a tough year for us all. The world has changed and unfortunately, there is no instruction manual on how to navigate it. Nonetheless, it is our job as marketers and communicators to adapt our plans for continued success. Here are some tips for how to adjust your marketing tactics during and after a global pandemic.
posted by Kelsey Dombrosky
Marketing, Strategy December 03 2020
What makes social media marketing so tricky is the ever-changing landscape. It seems as though there are new policies, updates to image specs, and regulations that roll out every month. Here are some of the latest Facebook Ads Manager and Instagram updates that you’ll notice at the close of 2020, and into the new year.
posted by Sarah Viens
Marketing, Strategy August 26 2020
Incorporating a blog on your website is a digital trend that has increased in popularity over the years – and for good reason. Here are a few considerations when adding a business blog to your website so that you can have a solid plan for launch and beyond. 
posted by Sarah Viens
Marketing, Strategy August 14 2020
When it comes to targeted digital advertising, Facebook and Google are the two of the most popular choices for businesses, institutions and organizations. Both platforms are powerful and effective, with massive userbases. While both can be well worth the investment, there are some nuances to consider when deciding how best to allocate your paid advertising dollars.
posted by Ari Mason
Design, Marketing, Strategy June 19 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused immediate shifts in online behavior, but the long-term impact of this is important for marketers to pay attention to. Explore what to pay attention to and plan for as you modify your 2020 plans and set the stage for 2021 budgeting.
posted by Michelle Brown
Marketing, Strategy June 10 2020
You’ve spent days strategizing your social media campaign, designing the perfect concept, developing a launch plan and managing your posts across multiple networks. Now what? We've covered everything you need to know about measuring your social media campaign success.
posted by Sarah Viens
Marketing, Strategy June 02 2020
Believe it or not, almost every piece of content you consume has been analytically selected to appear in your search results or Spotify playlist using algorithms and ad placement technology. ZAG has broken down what content marketing is and how you can use it to your business' marketing benefit. 
posted by Sarah Viens