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Quality Assurance August 04 2020
If you've heard of a VPAT but not sure what is is, learn why a business or institution might need to complete a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, explore the types of VPATs, and how a VPAT differs from a full accessibility audit.
posted by Will Creedle
Quality Assurance, Technology May 27 2020
While Level AA is the gold standard for website ADA conformance, it is important to understand what each level (A, AA, AAA) implies so you can plan your business' website conformance plan. Use this handy comparison chart of specific WCAG 2.1 guidelines when planning or maintaining your conformant site.
posted by Dan Seagull
Quality Assurance April 30 2020
WCAG guidelines require PDFs to be conformant, but the process of doing so can lead to many headaches if not properly planned for. Understand when creating a site page in your CMS maybe a better option than a PDF, what can make PDF conformance easy or complex, and how to plan for this when designing or retrofitting your website against current website ADA standards.
posted by Dan Seagull
Quality Assurance, Strategy April 22 2020
The Americans with Disabilities Act gives civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities. With WCAG 2.1 guidelines serving as the basis for website ADA conformance, websites in the retail industry need to pay attention now more than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the fact that buying items from websites is a new norm for everyone, and helped reiterate that retail websites must be just as accessible to all consumers as physical spaces.
posted by Dan Seagull
Technology April 15 2020
Website cookies aren’t full of sugar or butter, you should still be wary of how many you’re accepting as well as how many you’re handing out. Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer by a website in order to track your actions and attributes. Explore the different types of website cookies, privacy implications and more.
posted by Patrick Trayes
Announcements, Quality Assurance March 03 2020
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) will continue to evolve to keep up with changes in technology and the ultimate goal of providing a more accessible digital world. Learn about the release of the first WCAG 2.2 guidelines, and how it impacts site owners, designers and developers.
posted by Dan Seagull
Design, Quality Assurance, Technology December 03 2019
If you own or manage a website for an auto dealership, knowing and adhering to the latest ADA conformance standards is not only good business, it's also a way to prevent a lawsuit.
posted by Will Creedle