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Marketing, Strategy April 26 2017
Most financial services marketers have experienced the heartache of having their perfectly crafted campaigns ripped apart by their legal or compliance teams. Marketing financial services products is a highly-regulated practice, and for good reason. The key is to understand top advertising regulations so that you can proactively strategize and create around them rather than having them stifle your creativity. Explore the top five advertising regulations that financial institutions must follow online.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Quality Assurance July 13 2016

Learn more about website development and dyslexia, and get best practices for designing and developing a website that takes dyslexic individuals' needs into account.

posted by Will Creedle
Quality Assurance February 23 2016
Website compliance is a hot topic for website owners and marketers, but understanding the difference between compliance and conformance can help you determine how and when to prioritize this effort.
posted by Will Creedle
Quality Assurance January 05 2016
The Department of Justice has pushed back the date of website compliance guidelines for private businesses until 2018. Though this is welcome news for private businesses that were nervous about the implications of these guidelines, it's terrible news for the visually impaired who struggle every day to make sense out of sites that don't prioritize compliance. Learn more about what private businesses should do now and later to make website compliance a business priority.
posted by Will Creedle
Quality Assurance April 06 2015
When you think of ADA compliance, things like wheelchair ramps and bathroom handrails might initially come to mind. However, when it comes to website accessibility, there is an increasing number of best practices, rules and regulations that every marketer, technology and communications professional needs to be aware of.
posted by Will Creedle
Design, Strategy, Technology February 11 2013
You’ve gone to great lengths to ensure a top-notch user experience on your website, but is your site truly accessible? Your definition of accessibility may differ from the legal standard established in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Companies that fail to cater to visitors with disabilities increasingly find themselves in court defending, and often settling, lawsuits that can be costly both financially and in terms of negative publicity.
posted by Douglas Malan
Design, Quality Assurance, Technology March 06 2012
Sure, there's nothing libelous on your website and you own all of the content or you've been granted permission to reprint it. But how does your website rate when it comes to being compliant with the American Disabilities Act and laws pertaining to accessibility for the disabled? You might be surprised to find out that your website doesn't meet the threshold defining how images and text must be displayed.
posted by ZAG Interactive