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Marketing, Strategy May 21 2021
2021 is not the year for advertisers and marketers to just pick up where they left off.  Smart marketers can strategically (and sensitively) tune into the collective emotional state of today's consumers, and rethink their brands and campaigns in a way that connects with today's audiences.
posted by Michelle Brown
Marketing, Strategy December 31 2020
It’s no secret that 2020 was a tough year for us all. The world has changed and unfortunately, there is no instruction manual on how to navigate it. Nonetheless, it is our job as marketers and communicators to adapt our plans for continued success. Here are some tips for how to adjust your marketing tactics during and after a global pandemic.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Announcements December 01 2020
Every year, ZAG likes to spread a little holiday cheer with a fun activity and a charitable donation. Since 2020 has been a year like no other, we’re taking time to Share the Good – and we’re hoping you’ll help.
posted by Brenna Kelliher
Strategy, Technology August 28 2020
Saying you are committed to digital transformation and actually doing it are very different things. With the world changing before our eyes, committing to digital transformation is no longer a choice – it’s a requirement – for those that don’t want to be left behind. 
posted by Michelle Brown
Design, Marketing, Strategy June 19 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused immediate shifts in online behavior, but the long-term impact of this is important for marketers to pay attention to. Explore what to pay attention to and plan for as you modify your 2020 plans and set the stage for 2021 budgeting.
posted by Michelle Brown
Marketing June 17 2020
Google My Business is a powerful tool that can transform how you drive customers to your local brick and mortar business and further develop trust with new and existing customers. Although Google My Business has been around for a long time, it has grown in its importance as more users use search engines to find information about a local business, even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing June 08 2020
In times of crisis, marketing can be a slippery slope. Fear is pervasive and priorities change. Businesses must be sensitive to this shift and use their platforms to educate and instill confidence. If done successfully, this can bolster your brand. If not, it can antagonize your customers. Here’s a look at what to do—and what to avoid—when it comes to brand messaging in uncertain times.
posted by ZAG Interactive