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November 10 2022
Rich snippets can be an important part of your SEO plan. Learn what rich snippets are, how you can use them and what you and your development team need to do to maximize the benefits of this tactic.
posted by Robin Nerkowski
Marketing, Quality Assurance October 13 2022
Just like websites, emails should follow WCAG ADA guidelines in order to make emails accessible to all audiences, regardless of any challenges they may have. Learn about email accessibility best practices when designing and creating emails.
posted by Dan Seagull
Announcements, The Financial Brand October 01 2022
Meet up with VP of Sales of Marketing, Michelle Brown, and AVP of Account Management, Greg Calnen, at the 2022 Financial Brand Forum in Las Vegas November 13-16. 
posted by Michelle Brown
Marketing September 23 2022
Most websites use Google Analytics but many site owners don't know how to maximize this valuable tool to get meaningful website data. Read several common Google Analytics questions and get answers that will help you better understand your site interactions and conversions.
posted by Brianna Dudding
Marketing, Strategy, Technology September 14 2022
Getting an redirect error on a website is frustrating for users but it has negative consequences for site owners too. Understand the differences between the types of redirect and what site owners should do to avoid having errors as part of an overall site health plan.
posted by Robin Nerkowski
Design, Strategy, Technology September 13 2022

Most companies invest in a website redesign every 3-5 years. No matter why you are planning to redesign or rebuild your site, the chances are that sometime in the next few years you will be tasked with planning a site redesign and will need to ask your boss for a budget. And what is more compelling than asking for money when you can actually prove that the project will result in ROI?

posted by Michelle Brown
Announcements, Projects September 06 2022
ZAG Interactive is the proud winner of three Standard of Excellence Awards from the 2022 WebAwards in the Bank and Credit Union categories. Learn about the award-winning UniWyo Credit Union, Lincoln Savings Bank and Purdue Federal Credit Union website redesign projects.
posted by ZAG Interactive