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Marketing, Strategy May 15 2020
No matter how customers or members interact with your financial institution, their experiences should be the same. Your branches and website are two different ways of serving up the same products, services and support—and both are essential to your identity and communication as a financial institution. So why are banks and credit unions still making mistakes on their websites that they would never make in their branches? In a time when your website must do more of the heavy lifting, consider optimizing your online experience to make the transition to digital banking a seamless one.
posted by Ari Mason
CMS, Design, Marketing, Projects, Quality Assurance, Strategy, Technology May 13 2020
Your online presence is more important now than ever. Whether your website is the lifeblood of your organization or one spoke in the wheel, it’s vital to your success and should work hard to support your business and user goals. Explore the common phases of a successful website redesign so you can prepare, set expectations and avoid common pitfalls.
posted by Ari Mason
Marketing, Strategy May 12 2020
Social media changes constantly so it’s essential that digital marketers stay on top of the trends to maximize results. Here’s how you can make your social media marketing strategy successful in 2020 and beyond.
posted by Sarah Viens
Marketing, Strategy, Marketing, Strategy May 11 2020
Whether you recently completed a redesign of your website or are spending money on digital marketing, it can be difficult to measure how well your site is performing. Explore best practices for using website analytics to measure site performance and campaign ROI.
posted by Patrick Trayes
Marketing May 07 2020
Any successful website redesign requires a variety of experts – from designers and developers to marketing strategists -- to ensure all best practices are followed and goals are met. In addition to these more known roles, SEO specialists are just as essential to put an SEO plan in place. Explore the importance of SEO during a redesign and why you or your agency must consider it during each phase.
posted by Carley Corraccio
Marketing May 06 2020
A new decade brings many changes for marketers, and SEO is no exception. With constant updates to Google's algorithms and changes to consumer trends, the world of search engine optimization is constantly evolving. Here’s how you can prepare to improve your company's ranking and visibility online in 2020 and beyond.
posted by Carley Corraccio
Marketing, Strategy May 05 2020
As coronavirus sweeps the world, banks and credit unions are compelled to level up their websites—and quickly. Digital banking has become more critical than ever, with branches scaling back in-person services or closing altogether. But what happens after social distancing measures are lifted and this new normal changes once again? How will users interact with your website when it’s no longer the only solution?
posted by Ari Mason