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Marketing, Strategy August 20 2018
Copywriting is an essential component of any website redesign. Learn why ongoing website copywriting support is an important part of digital planning to keep your web copy consistent, SEO optimized and more.
posted by Brenna Keough
Announcements, Culture August 01 2018
August 26 is National Dog Day. Whether you can adopt or give back in other ways, the staff at ZAG Interactive encourages you to help in any way you can. Learn about ways you can help your local animal shelter today.
posted by Michelle Brown
Marketing July 31 2018
Long gone are the days that target keywords could be simply inserted into a page to try to rank higher on search engines. Google updated its algorithms to be more user-centric so it can understand search intent. Learn more about the concept of semantic search and why it's vital to SEO.
posted by Alexandra Giarratano
Quality Assurance July 20 2018
A website audit can be a great way to get a fresh perspective on what needs to be done for overall performance and optimization. So, what is it and how does it differ from an SEO audit?
posted by Rachel Avery Conley
Announcements, Marketing July 18 2018
Mobile-first indexing was formally released in March of 2018. Many website owners are just beginning to receive alerts that Google has recently enabled mobile-indexing for their site. Learn more about what this email alert means and how it may be affecting how your site is being indexed.
posted by Danielle Murray
Quality Assurance July 17 2018

WCAG 2.1 website ADA guidelines were formally released in June 2018. Learn more about these enhancements to 2.0 guidelines so that you can understand how to retrofit your website to conform - resulting in a better user experience for all users, no matter their disability.

posted by Dan Seagull
Design, Strategy July 10 2018
In website design, templates give some conformity to similar types of pages, so that there is a familiar flow of elements for users and a consistent design aesthetic throughout the site. Commonplace in contemporary website development, digital agencies, including ZAG Interactive, develop design templates within content management systems (CMS) for use both in building and expanding websites. Explore some of the most common design templates that banks and credit unions can use to make and maintain their financial institution website
posted by Christopher Rinaldi