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Marketing, Strategy, Technology March 22 2021
The suite of Google Analtyics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio are a powerful trio to be able to track and visualize conversions and ROI, including through your third-party sites. Learn how you can track a visitor journey from your site to another domain, and whether you need an agency partner to help you navigate this topic further. 
posted by Patrick Trayes
Design, Marketing, Technology March 15 2021
If you’ve been following the ever-changing scope of Google products, you may have heard of the introduction of Core Web Vitals that was announced back in 2020. Here are the latest Core Web Vital updates to look out for.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Design March 01 2021
Several web design trends are already emerging in 2021. A great digital presence has never been more important for businesses, institutions and organizations. 2021 web design trends will include a strong focus on page speed and user-centered design, leveraging more multimedia, prioritizing inclusivity, a shift in how brands represent themselves and an increased spotlight on website security.
posted by Jennifer Buccini
Projects, Quality Assurance February 26 2021
From the site architecture to the site launch, website accessibility is an important part of the entire website design or redesign project lifecyle. Learn about how ZAG factors accessibility into each project stage.
posted by Danielli Franquim
Marketing, Strategy February 23 2021
In December 2020, Google rolled out it’s latest broad core algorithm update. What was long waited for is finally here with a plethora of changes and additions. Let's explore the main changes that we’ve found and how they could benefit your business or organization’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Quality Assurance February 19 2021
If 2020 taught us anything, it’s not to predict what might happen in the year ahead. However, with the digital world being more important than ever, the concept of a more inclusive web has never been more of a priority. As such, we expect some significant progress in the world of website ADA conformance in 2021 and beyond.  
posted by Dan Seagull
Quality Assurance February 03 2021
Having a website that is ADA conformant is the right thing to do morally, but it also is the right thing to do from a business perspective. Read this article to explore moral and business justifications to having a conformant digital experience.
posted by Dan Seagull