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Announcements January 25 2022
We believe that hard work is born in an environment that fosters collaboration, good fun and the pursuit of something better. Since we started our agency 20 years ago, so much has changed and this year, we have so much to look forward to. See what you can expect in 2022 from ZAG Interactive.
posted by Michelle Brown
Marketing, Strategy January 06 2022
The pace of life for a digital marketer is hectic and it's ok if you aren't 100% sure of all of the latest and greatest terms. Explore this brief digital glossary of terms that are coming up more and more so you can continue your digital marketing education, and impress the boss too. 
posted by ZAG Interactive
Strategy, Technology January 05 2022
2022 is already shaping up to be an interesting year, and with that, digital marketers should look at trends to be as prepared as possible. ZAG has identified four predictions for 2022 that will be important to plan for so that marketers can maximize their success.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing, Strategy December 07 2021
With the adoption of Apple's new privacy features in full effect, we are now starting to see the influence it is having. From balance sheets to business models, the iOS update is impacting tech companies like Meta (Facebook) and Snap (Snapchat), as well as companies in other industries. Learn how these companies are responding to the new privacy features and remaining optimistic, how Apple is benefiting, and why it is having such a large impact. 
posted by Jennifer Inho
Design, Quality Assurance, Technology December 02 2021
Accessibility overlays are increasingly popular but are certainly no substitute for properly designing and developing your site against current website conformance standards. Learn what they can be used for and what they should not be used for, so that you can ensure that you are providing the most accessible experience to your site visitors and protecting your business against costly litigation.
posted by Dan Seagull
Quality Assurance November 29 2021
Assistive technology (AT) is a catchall term for the digital hardware, applications software and systems specifically designed to enhance learning, working and daily living for people with disabilities. Learn how assistive technologies, along with a site designed and developed against current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, helps those who are disabled interact with websites.
posted by Danielli Franquim
Marketing November 08 2021

Google Analytics has become the most popular way to track website activity since it first debuted in 2005. By some accounts, more than half of the most visited sites on the web are using Google Analytics to monitor where their visitors are coming from and what they’re engaging with. There are many ways to customize your GA data such as tracking events, establishing conversions and logging custom dimensions, but not everyone has the time or resources to do that custom setup.

posted by Patrick Trayes