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Marketing April 13 2021
Great banking websites offer interactive features, including tools and resources that mimic the in-branch experience, attract audiences, create positive brand impressions and support consumer decision making. Whether your institution develops custom content, uses third party tools or is only considering options, here are some of the best resources your bank or credit union can provide, and how you can successfully incorporate them into your website.
posted by Brenna Kelliher
Marketing, Strategy April 12 2021
Embodying diversity and inclusion in your marketing efforts will be extremely important throughout 2021 and beyond. It is your job as a marketer to make your brand and website relatable, so that it represents all people, including those underserved communities. Action is necessary in order to help everyone, so learn how you can celebrate diversity through your key communication channel – your website.
posted by Jenna Paternostro
Marketing April 07 2021
There is a new Google algorithm update coming in May 2021 which shows us how we can improve the experience that our users have on our website and with that, boost its search engine rankings. Learn more about this update and the steps you can take to benefit from it.
posted by Carley Corraccio
Strategy April 01 2021

#ShrimpGate took over the internet for a full 24 hours in March 2021, forcing the General Mills brand to act fast to avoid a potentially fatal hit to their company name. What the PR team didn’t prepare for, however, was an “internet crisis”, such as this one, creating a slew of excuses and apologies without a real plan of action.

posted by ZAG Interactive
Design, Quality Assurance March 29 2021

Infographics are an increasingly popular content marketing tactic but can present significant challenges for the millions of Americans who have a disability. Learn how to design and post your infographics to maximize their usability for all audiences.

posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing March 29 2021
Personalized advertising is an effective marketing tactic. Learn more about it, why it's so effective, and how to start incorporating it into your own strategy.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing, Strategy March 23 2021
Google made an announcement that may change the way you run your Google paid search campaigns.The four previous keyword match types will be changing in an effort to make it easier to manage Google Ads campaigns and increase the quality of the traffic clicking on your ads.
posted by Kelsey Dombrosky