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Marketing, Strategy June 10 2020
You’ve spent days strategizing your social media campaign, designing the perfect concept, developing a launch plan and managing your posts across multiple networks. Now what? We've covered everything you need to know about measuring your social media campaign success.
posted by Sarah Viens
CMS June 10 2020
Kentico, a popular .NET CMS, recently announced several product and license changes that impact current and prospective customers. This exciting next phase for this mid-market CMS solution shows the company's strong commitment to creating a world-class, all-in-one CMS solution for companies investing in their digital presence.
posted by Michelle Brown
Marketing June 09 2020
As users continue to do more online, companies – especially financial institutions – must keep web communications private and secure by taking standardized measures, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS). While many businesses use TLS to secure all communications between their web servers and browsers regardless of whether sensitive data is being transmitted, banks and credit unions increasingly rely on this crypto protocol for web application security to protect their user data and information. So, if you are a financial marketer, an IT professional for a bank or credit union, or just a fan of technical acronyms, settle in for an overview of why TLS is critical for your website security.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing June 08 2020
In times of crisis, marketing can be a slippery slope. Fear is pervasive and priorities change. Businesses must be sensitive to this shift and use their platforms to educate and instill confidence. If done successfully, this can bolster your brand. If not, it can antagonize your customers. Here’s a look at what to do—and what to avoid—when it comes to brand messaging in uncertain times.
posted by Ari Mason
Strategy, Technology June 08 2020
Cookie consent and privacy regulations as a result of GDPR and CCPA can have significant impacts on Google Analytics and pixel tracking. Learn about different types of consent and best practices for your analytics tracking so that your site complies with regulations while minimizing the impact of tracking the data you need in Google Analytics. 
posted by Patrick Trayes
Marketing, Strategy June 02 2020
Believe it or not, almost every piece of content you consume has been analytically selected to appear in your search results or Spotify playlist using algorithms and ad placement technology. ZAG has broken down what content marketing is and how you can use it to your business' marketing benefit. 
posted by Sarah Viens
Strategy May 29 2020
Many businesses and institutions are reopening their facilities as stay-at-home orders are lifted, but reopening successfully will take careful planning and communication. Review these guidlines for reopening your business during the COVID-19 pandemic.
posted by Michelle Brown