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Technology October 09 2018
As a website matures and the content strategy evolves, links can get misdirected or site downtime (planned and unplanned) will occur that may affect the visitor experience. Fortunately, you can plan for these occasions and even make a potential negative interaction a positive one with a custom designed 404 and maintenance page.
posted by Rachel Avery Conley
Marketing, Strategy October 01 2018
If you manage a website, you likely use Google Analytics to understand how visitors interact with your website. While Google Analytics comes with a lot of built in features, many marketers also leverage UTM codes to better track and monitor marketing performance. If UTM codes are something you have heard of but not super clear on the details, read on.
posted by Patrick Trayes
Quality Assurance September 12 2018
Identifying website compliance issues can be cumbersome, so most companies and agencies rely on tools to assist on an initial and ongoing basis. Explore four website accessibility tools that ZAG uses to make and maintain conformant websites. 
posted by Will Creedle
Projects September 11 2018
ZAG Interactive is proud to have launched 12 new websites in the second and third quarters of 2018. Learn more about these projects and find out how you can become part of the next class of website launches.
posted by Rachel Avery Conley
Announcements, Projects September 07 2018
The Coastal Credit Union website, created by ZAG Interactive, won the 2018 WebAward for Best Credit Union website. This is a huge honor and especially exciting since we also won the same award last year for the Black Hills Credit Union redesign. Learn more about this project and exciting win.
posted by Michelle Brown
Design August 20 2018
Many different elements make up the design of the website. Learn how organizing those elements according to the Rules of Composition can enhance the design, the user experience, and ultimately the success of a website.
posted by Melissa Wilkinson
Marketing, Strategy August 20 2018
Common digital goals include driving website traffic, improving online engagement, supporting SEO, making a website ADA conformant and more. Explore solutions that can help you achieve these objectives.
posted by Brenna Keough