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Announcements March 04 2019
We're hitting the road and would love to see you at one of the three financial conferences we'll be attending: 2019 Financial Brand Forum, CUNA Digital Marketing School, ABA Bank Marketing Conference. Get the details and let us know if we'll be able to meet you.
posted by Michelle Brown
Quality Assurance March 01 2019
With 2,258 website ADA lawsuits filed in 2018, more and more companies, organizations and institutions are choosing to make their websites work for people with disabilities and conform to the current WCAG AA standards. Smaller businesses face a unique challenge however, since the decision to retrofit or rebuild a site is often costly and confusing. Learn about website compliance options for smaller businesses.
posted by Will Creedle
Design, Marketing March 01 2019
If you are planning a website redesign, there are many factors to consider to prevent hurting your SEO in the process. Use this helpful SEO checklist before you start your website redesign, so you can maximize your search engine traffic and minimize the negative impact that a redesign can have on rankings if best practices aren’t followed.
posted by Carley Corraccio
Marketing, Technology February 26 2019
After 7 years, Google has finally made the critical business decision to sunset its social media platform, Google+, effective April 2, 2019. Google+ intended to give users the ability to write long posts and focus on business-related topics. But dwindling platform usage combined with a security blip ultimately led to the platform demise. Find out how this news might affect your website and social media strategy.
posted by Carley Corraccio
February 20 2019

Generating relevant content is a vital part of any marketing plan. A successful content marketing strategy gives you the confidence to continually support your social media and email marketing efforts, SEO, blog planning and more. Explore some of the ways you can start generating relevant content for your business products and services.

posted by Danielle Murray
Design, Quality Assurance, Technology February 18 2019
Find out why designing for accessibility instead of retrofitting a website for ADA can save your business time, money and hassle.
posted by Danielli Franquim
The Financial Brand February 12 2019

This ZAG Interactive-authored article published on the Financial Brand site explains the importance of financial literacy content a marketing tool for banks and credit unions. Done well, literacy content can not only provide value to audiences but also support ongoing integrated marketing efforts.

posted by ZAG Interactive