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Strategy, The Financial Brand October 01 2020

Every financial institution website should stand out in some way. How would you describe your site and does it match what consumers feel when they show up on the site? The five questions in this article will give you a head start on your web refresh plans for the year ahead. 

posted by Michelle Brown
Announcements September 16 2020
ZAG's Michelle Brown and Patrick Trayes will be presenting at the CUNA Digital Marketing Virtual School (DMVS) on October 6 and 7, 2020. Learn more about this virtual conference and why you should consider attending.
posted by Michelle Brown
Strategy September 10 2020
Whether you’re planning a website redesign or managing your current website, financial marketers can benefit from a thoughtful promotional strategy for their bank or credit union websites. This is both an art and a science, as too many promotions can be overwhelming and distract from the user journey, while too few promotions represent a missed opportunity to drive conversion. The marketing and business intent is to drive engagement while highlighting your priority products and services. Done correctly, it can also guide customers and members through the conversion funnel by presenting related offerings that work together to address visitors’ financial needs.
posted by Ari Mason
Announcements, Projects September 08 2020
Pop the champagne! ZAG Interactive won the Best Credit Union Website Award, and two Outstanding Bank Website WebAwards. Learn more about why we are doing the happy dance over here, in a year that's been challenging for each and every one of us.
posted by Michelle Brown
Strategy, Technology August 28 2020
Saying you are committed to digital transformation and actually doing it are very different things. With the world changing before our eyes, committing to digital transformation is no longer a choice – it’s a requirement – for those that don’t want to be left behind. 
posted by Michelle Brown
Marketing, Strategy August 26 2020
Incorporating a blog on your website is a digital trend that has increased in popularity over the years – and for good reason. Here are a few considerations when adding a business blog to your website so that you can have a solid plan for launch and beyond. 
posted by Sarah Viens
Technology August 19 2020
As website accessibility continues to be a priority for responsible website managers, there is an increased demand for user-friendly and affordable accessibility testing tools. Learn about the features, benefits and drawbacks of free browser-based options available online.
posted by Will Creedle