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Marketing, Strategy February 01 2021

UTM tracking is an important tool to use when it comes to online marketing. By adding bits of code to your URL, it is possible to track where website visitors are coming from and what they are doing. Whether this is something that you handle in-house or work with an outside agency on, it is crucial for marketers to use and understand UTM tracking codes. Misunderstandings can lead to errors in setup and even invalid and unclear information. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

posted by Kelsey Dombrosky
Marketing, Strategy January 26 2021
With so many different marketing channels driving traffic to your website, it can be hard to keep track of all your user data. It’s important to determine where those users are coming from so you know which tactics are most effective. So what’s the best way to do this? UTM tracking codes.
posted by Kelsey Dombrosky
Quality Assurance January 25 2021
The Working Draft of WCAG 3.0 has been released to the public and there are a few notable changes that website owners and managers will want to educate themselves about. Read this blog to see what's coming down the road and why creating an accessible website for all should be a top priority.
posted by Dan Seagull
Quality Assurance, Technology January 04 2021
Earlier this year, Siteimprove announced an upcoming free update for all customers, which includes some major upgrades to its website accessibility platform within its site governance tool. The new accessibility module was developed to make building and maintaining fully accessible websites easier and more fool-proof than ever. Here’s what you need to know.
posted by Will Creedle
Marketing, Strategy December 31 2020
It’s no secret that 2020 was a tough year for us all. The world has changed and unfortunately, there is no instruction manual on how to navigate it. Nonetheless, it is our job as marketers and communicators to adapt our plans for continued success. Here are some tips for how to adjust your marketing tactics during and after a global pandemic.
posted by Kelsey Dombrosky
Technology December 30 2020
With expanding technical demands on marketers in the digital space, it’s important to not only understand your website, but also be familiar with the environments in which websites are built and supported. Learn about the different types of hosting environments and whether you need a content staging environment as part of your site hosting services.
posted by Marah Boisoneau
Technology December 29 2020
If you're planning a website redesign, one of the most important considerations is your Content Management System (CMS). Compare open source, proprietary and homegrown CMS options to determine which might be right for your business.
posted by ZAG Interactive