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Quality Assurance, Technology August 31 2022
Native mobile apps, just like websites, should be evaluated for conformance against current website ADA guidelines. Learn how mobile apps are ADA tested and how ZAG Interactive can help.
posted by Danielli Franquim
Quality Assurance August 01 2022
WCAG 2.2 will be official soon, and with it, businesses need to understand some important clarifications. Learn about what to expect with 2.2, why to avoid accessibility overlays and other important website ADA information so that you can offer a fair experience for all audience and avoid costly law suits. 
posted by Michelle Brown
Marketing, Strategy July 26 2022
Consumers love financial literacy content because it helps them gain practical knowledge they didn't learn in school. Bank and credit union marketers should capitalize on this and develop a content plan that includes financial literacy articles, infographics, videos and more to help support their brand promise and engage visitors.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Technology July 26 2022
Just like your monbile phone or computer, your website needs updates, upgrades and eventually replacement. Learn what site owners need to understand and plan for as website technology changes over time.
posted by Michelle Brown
Marketing, Strategy July 12 2022
Have you ever wondered how you could use Google Analytics to enhance your content strategy? The data that you can extract from Google Analytics can help you find your most popular content, which posts convert best, which organic search metrics to use to create content marketing templates for your blog, and how to utilize the relationship between content and SEO.
posted by Brianna Dudding
Marketing, Strategy July 06 2022
Before you start pushing out content and turning on paid search campaigns, take a step back to develop a thoughtful digital marketing strategy. When you zero in on your goals and use a targeted approach, your online marketing is bound to be more successful. Check out the following best practices to learn how to hit the mark with all your digital marketing initiatives.
posted by Robin Nerkowski
Marketing, Strategy June 02 2022
From scrolling through websites and your social media feeds to watching videos on YouTube and reading newsletters or blogs - you are being exposed to content marketing on different platforms daily. Learn all you need to know about content marketing trends best practices in 2022 from the experts at ZAG Interactive. 
posted by Jennifer Inho