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Strategy, The Financial Brand May 27 2020
For consumers, ease of use of your institution's website can be a make or break experience. A UX fundamental that too often is overlooked is site navigation. Learn specific tactics to make your site one that other financial institutions will want to copy in this Financial Brand article written by ZAG Interactive.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
The Financial Brand April 20 2020
There’s no question social media marketing is a must for nearly every bank and credit union. From saturated markets with tough competition to increased focus on the digital space, social media is necessary to the success of your financial institution. But in a world where the rules are constantly changing, how do you develop a strategy with staying power? This ZAG-authored Financial Brand article breaks down the differences and how to use them both effectively.
posted by Ari Mason
The Financial Brand February 12 2019

This ZAG Interactive-authored article published on the Financial Brand site explains the importance of financial literacy content a marketing tool for banks and credit unions. Done well, literacy content can not only provide value to audiences but also support ongoing integrated marketing efforts.

posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing, Strategy, The Financial Brand October 05 2017
In this ZAG-authored Financial Brand article, explore 8 steps for maximizing the value of your website after a redesign. From ensuring you have an ongoing support plan in place, to maximizing marketing value through SEO and paid advertising, your new site won't be as valuable to your institution unless you plan accordingly.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
Marketing, Strategy, The Financial Brand June 29 2017
To drive measurable growth, bank and credit union marketers need to target key audiences with relevant content to that speaks to their specific needs at each stage of the funnel. Now that people can be targeted in digital channels with amazing accuracy, it makes financial sense to move budgets away from traditional media towards content marketing strategies that focus on generating leads, growing relationships and improving the bottom line. Explore 3 tips to create content and social media marketing that sells, in this ZAG Interactive article published in The Financial Brand.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Announcements, The Financial Brand February 27 2017
Meet ZAG Interactive at the 2017 Financial Brand Forum. This must-attend event takes place May 17-19 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. We hope to see you there!
posted by Michelle Brown
Design, Marketing, Strategy, The Financial Brand January 10 2017
Check out 24 best practices for realizing the potential of your financial institution's landing pages, leading to more business for your bank or credit union.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi