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Design, Quality Assurance, Technology June 11 2020
The design and development of all websites should be heavily focused on usability and inclusiveness. That's why site managers need to understand website ADA conformance guidelines so that plans for designing, redesigning or managing a site can be reflective of these guidelines. Review this handy website ADA conformance infographic.
posted by Carley Corraccio
Quality Assurance, Technology May 27 2020
While Level AA is the gold standard for website ADA conformance, it is important to understand what each level (A, AA, AAA) implies so you can plan your business' website conformance plan. Use this handy comparison chart of specific WCAG 2.1 guidelines when planning or maintaining your conformant site.
posted by Dan Seagull
CMS, Design, Marketing, Projects, Quality Assurance, Strategy, Technology May 13 2020
Your online presence is more important now than ever. Whether your website is the lifeblood of your organization or one spoke in the wheel, it’s vital to your success and should work hard to support your business and user goals. Explore the common phases of a successful website redesign so you can prepare, set expectations and avoid common pitfalls.
posted by Ari Mason
Marketing, Strategy, Technology April 29 2020
Whether your business decides is undergoing a merger or acquisition to reduce potential competition or diversify your product offerings, you must focus on synchronizing marketing efforts between the organizations, especially in the digital space. Explore ways to successfully join and manage essential marketing tactics including your website, SEO, social media, and analytics during a merger or acquisition.
posted by Carley Corraccio
Technology April 15 2020
Website cookies aren’t full of sugar or butter, you should still be wary of how many you’re accepting as well as how many you’re handing out. Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer by a website in order to track your actions and attributes. Explore the different types of website cookies, privacy implications and more.
posted by Patrick Trayes
Marketing, Technology April 08 2020
Structured data is a technical SEO tactic that is rapidly driving competition on search engine results pages (SERPs). You have likely seen search results using schema code without noticing it – when you search for a brand name, a recipe and even upcoming events. Let us take you through an overview of how you can get started with structured data on your website.
posted by Danielle Maglio
Quality Assurance, Technology March 31 2020
The landscape of website compliance and accessibility is changing rapidly – and so are the automated tools being used to optimize and fact check. Explore how SaaS accessibility tools, in combination with manual testing and management, can help your website remain conformant – ultimately supporting your site’s user experience and creating a fair web experience for all.
posted by Sarah Viens