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Marketing, Strategy March 02 2018
ZAG Interactive shares Four Effective Tips for Measuring Website Engagement using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manger to achieve maximum search engine optimization of content and campaigns. 
posted by Patrick Trayes
Marketing, Strategy February 22 2018
Managing URL redirects should be part of every website owner’s bag of tricks, so understanding the types of URL redirects that exist and URL redirect best practices is an important part of keeping a site healthy and keeping visitors happy.
posted by Danielle Maglio
Marketing, Strategy February 20 2018
The concept of a canonical URL isn’t a new one, but its increasing importance in the SEO world makes it something that every digital marketer should understand. Learn more about canonical code, when it should be used, and why your website needs to consider using canonicals.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Design, Marketing, Strategy October 06 2017
Landing pages are essential to driving conversion with digital marketing campaigns. However, many businesses aren’t using landing pages is because they aren't sure how to set them up or optimize them properly. Follow these seven landing page best practices to increase conversion. 
posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing, Strategy, The Financial Brand October 05 2017
In this ZAG-authored Financial Brand article, explore 8 steps for maximizing the value of your website after a redesign. From ensuring you have an ongoing support plan in place, to maximizing marketing value through SEO and paid advertising, your new site won't be as valuable to your institution unless you plan accordingly.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
Marketing, Strategy September 27 2017
You might have heard of and wondered what all the fuss is about. Learn what schema is, why you should consider using it to help your local SEO, and why you should consider partnering with a trusted agency to help you plan and implement it on your website.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Marketing, Strategy August 25 2017
Anyone with a website and a credit card can start a Google AdWords campaign, but it takes education, time and effort to see success. If you are struggling to realize success from your current AdWords campaign, check out these five suggestions for optimizing this important search engine marketing tactic.
posted by Patrick Trayes