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Marketing, Strategy June 02 2022
From scrolling through websites and your social media feeds to watching videos on YouTube and reading newsletters or blogs - you are being exposed to content marketing on different platforms daily. Learn all you need to know about content marketing trends best practices in 2022 from the experts at ZAG Interactive. 
posted by Jennifer Inho
Marketing, Strategy May 06 2022
SEO copywriting includes a combination of keyword research, on-page SEO, formatting, and creativity. This mix of activities creates valuable content with specific keywords that can easily be used across platforms. Here are some best practices to follow when embarking on the SEO copywriting journey.
posted by Brianna Dudding
Strategy April 01 2022
Google announced that beginning July 1, 2023, data would no longer be collected on Google Analytics Universal Analytics properties, which have been the standard for more than 30 million websites since 2012. Additionally, historical data in Universal Analytics properties will only be accessible for 6 months following July 1, 2023. This is big news for any website owner or administrator, so before you panic, let’s walk you through what you need to do so you can have a firm plan in place.
posted by Patrick Trayes
Marketing, Strategy January 06 2022
The pace of life for a digital marketer is hectic and it's ok if you aren't 100% sure of all of the latest and greatest terms. Explore this brief digital glossary of terms that are coming up more and more so you can continue your digital marketing education, and impress the boss too. 
posted by Gregory Seay
Strategy, Technology January 05 2022
2022 is already shaping up to be an interesting year, and with that, digital marketers should look at trends to be as prepared as possible. ZAG has identified four predictions for 2022 that will be important to plan for so that marketers can maximize their success.
posted by Gregory Seay
Marketing, Strategy December 07 2021
With the adoption of Apple's new privacy features in full effect, we are now starting to see the influence it is having. From balance sheets to business models, the iOS update is impacting tech companies like Meta (Facebook) and Snap (Snapchat), as well as companies in other industries. Learn how these companies are responding to the new privacy features and remaining optimistic, how Apple is benefiting, and why it is having such a large impact. 
posted by Jennifer Inho
Marketing, Strategy September 28 2021
When done well, generational marketing is authentic and relevant to the audiences, and therefore inspires conversions. But unfortunately many marketers have a goal to attract "younger audiences" without a solid plan behind that goal. Learn what each generation is and what makes them tick so you can craft your campaigns for success.
posted by Michelle Brown