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Marketing, Strategy August 30 2021
Measuring website engagement can be a complex process that is often initially oversimplified. Many businesses focus on an increase in pageviews or a decrease in bounce rate, but those metrics alone do not tell a full story. Read about how can we get a clearer picture on engagement besides looking at these metrics so that we can optimize your digital experience.
posted by Kelsey Dombrosky
CMS, Design, Marketing, Strategy, Technology July 15 2021
There are a lot of considerations when budgeting for a website. Do you need something custom or is a templated solution acceptable for you? Is your site large or small? Do you have complex technology needs? What is your timeline? Explore the many questions to ask yourself, including the pros and cons of working with a freelancer vs. an agency.
posted by Marah Boisoneau
Marketing July 12 2021
Optimization looks completely different for a Google My Business listing than your typical SEO strategy for your website. In order to ensure your bank or credit union's listing is visible on Google, learn how to create your profile and claim it as your own.
posted by Carley Corraccio
Marketing June 21 2021
Google isn't taking a summer vacation and is rolling out two Core updates as well as the Core Web Vitals update. Learn more about what to expect and what you should do to prepare.
posted by Michelle Brown
Marketing, Strategy May 21 2021
2021 is not the year for advertisers and marketers to just pick up where they left off.  Smart marketers can strategically (and sensitively) tune into the collective emotional state of today's consumers, and rethink their brands and campaigns in a way that connects with today's audiences.
posted by Michelle Brown
Announcements, Marketing, Strategy May 20 2021

With Apple’s new iOS 14.5 privacy update, Facebook has already predicted that allowing users to opt out of third-party tracking will reduce advertising revenue by 50%. This will have the largest impact on small businesses. Since the announcement, however, Apple has begun implementing measures to “even the playing field” by preventing any workarounds to this IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers). 

posted by Jenna Paternostro
Announcements, Marketing May 10 2021

With the rise of social media and online advertising, it seems that everyone and everything is collecting your personal information, without you being able to have any say in it; until now. Tech giant, Apple, broke the Internet recently by announcing their new iPhone privacy updates, which have gotten many app developers talking, including major technology conglomerate Facebook. Read more to learn about the potential impacts the update will have on both consumers and app developers.

posted by Jenna Paternostro