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Design, Marketing August 06 2015
The magic formula for SEO is a like a witch’s brew – part art and part science, but minus the eye of newt. The first step for every business is to know the “science” components, so that you plan for SEO from day one with your site design or redesign, and know what to watch out for as you hire an agency to support your needs.
posted by Michelle Brown
Design, Technology April 14 2015
Today, smartphones and tablets, are taking over web surfing. In early 2014, internet usage on mobile devices officially exceeded PC traffic. That’s why it is imperative to have a mobile-friendly, multiple device-compatible website to accommodate this new digital landscape.
posted by Alexandra Giarratano
Design, Marketing, Strategy March 23 2015
Print is not dead – not by a long shot. Never mind that you’re reading a digital version of that statement from a digital agency. We understand the power of print and how to leverage it for your company’s gain.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
Design, Marketing, Strategy March 16 2015
Before you start promoting your company, you must establish your brand – the name, symbol and design that identifies and differentiates your company and your products from competitors. Branding is a promise to customers, and it’s the method by which you portray your distinguishing characteristics in a crowded marketplace.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
CMS, Design, Marketing, Strategy, Technology, The Financial Brand February 02 2015
The major digital themes dominating the banking industry will include integrated marketing, quality content and multichannel distribution. Are you ready?
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
CMS, Design, Marketing, Strategy, Technology, The Financial Brand December 11 2014
Site personalization integrates user data, such as location-based tracking, site activities and historical data to trigger content that’s tied to an existing persona. This is the most straightforward approach to personalizing a website: a combination of geo-location, and actions taken on the website.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
CMS, Design, Strategy, Technology, The Financial Brand December 02 2014
Buyer personas serve as the building blocks of your personalization strategy, establishing representative profiles that banks and credit unions can use to target online consumers with greater precision.
posted by Christopher Rinaldi