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Design, Strategy July 10 2018
In website design, templates give some conformity to similar types of pages, so that there is a familiar flow of elements for users and a consistent design aesthetic throughout the site. Commonplace in contemporary website development, digital agencies, including ZAG Interactive, develop design templates within content management systems (CMS) for use both in building and expanding websites. Explore some of the most common design templates that banks and credit unions can use to make and maintain their financial institution website
posted by Christopher Rinaldi
Design, Quality Assurance, Technology December 20 2017
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 will be introduced in 2018. Learn what's included in this update so that you can plan ahead while making or ensuring your website is ADA conformant.
posted by Dan Seagull
Design, Marketing, Strategy October 06 2017
Landing pages are essential to driving conversion with digital marketing campaigns. However, many businesses aren’t using landing pages is because they aren't sure how to set them up or optimize them properly. Follow these seven landing page best practices to increase conversion. 
posted by ZAG Interactive
Design, Strategy June 20 2017
Like building a house, when planning a website, you need to think of what the goal is before you start your project. If you don’t start with the architectural plans for your website – aka wireframing - you may run the risk of creating a user experience that is confusing and less likely to focus on visitor conversion.
posted by Patrick Trayes
Design, Quality Assurance, Technology May 15 2017
Web accessibility allows people with disabilities to access the web. Learn why website ADA conformance is an important topic for every website owner. Explore this website ADA conformance infographic to learn what you need to do to make your website conformant.
posted by Michelle Brown
Announcements, Design May 03 2017
Do you know what people think of your financial institution when they land on your home page? Put yourself in their position and think about that first impression. Is it positive? Does it reflect what you’re all about?
We’re searching for bank and credit union websites that need a bit of love, and we’re running a website makeover contest to help those who need it most. The winning institution gets $5,000 off their website redesign project. Intrigued? Read all about it.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Design March 21 2017
With so many design file types, it can be confusing to know what design file is most suitable for each graphic need. This essential guide to design file types explores common design lingo as well as file types from GIFs and JPGs, to PDFs and TIFFs.
posted by Jennifer Poole