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Design, Marketing May 03 2021

Both visual and emotional brand differentiators help to create a brand’s identity and customer loyalty. The feeling someone gets when thinking of a brand or using their products is just as important as a recognizable logo. Read more to learn how the visual and emotional components of a brand work together to create its identity.

posted by Jenna Paternostro
Design, Quality Assurance March 29 2021

Infographics are an increasingly popular content marketing tactic but can present significant challenges for the millions of Americans who have a disability. Learn how to design and post your infographics to maximize their usability for all audiences.

posted by Will Creedle
Design, Marketing, Technology March 15 2021
If you’ve been following the ever-changing scope of Google products, you may have heard of the introduction of Core Web Vitals that was announced back in 2020. Here are the latest Core Web Vital updates to look out for.
posted by Sarah Viens
Design March 01 2021
Several web design trends are already emerging in 2021. A great digital presence has never been more important for businesses, institutions and organizations. 2021 web design trends will include a strong focus on page speed and user-centered design, leveraging more multimedia, prioritizing inclusivity, a shift in how brands represent themselves and an increased spotlight on website security.
posted by Jennifer Buccini
Design, Projects, Strategy July 09 2020
You’ve decided it’s time for a website redesign. Maybe your current site is outdated and hard to navigate, challenging to update internally or isn’t working hard enough to provide the ROI your business demands. Once you’ve decided a redesign is necessary, there are a few things to get in order before kicking off the process with an agency.
posted by Melissa Wilkinson
Announcements, Design, Projects, Strategy July 02 2020
Despite challenging circumstances, ZAG’s team of digital strategists, designers, marketers, developers, QA specialists and project managers brought four website redesigns over the finish line in the second quarter of 2020 to support our financial services clients in leveling up their digital experiences.
posted by ZAG Interactive
Design, Marketing, Strategy June 19 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused immediate shifts in online behavior, but the long-term impact of this is important for marketers to pay attention to. Explore what to pay attention to and plan for as you modify your 2020 plans and set the stage for 2021 budgeting.
posted by Michelle Brown