October 19 2021

Introducing the Newest ZAG Teammates

new ZAG employeesZAG Interactive has rounded out its team with nine new players. This is a very diverse group, whose professional backgrounds and personal experiences are just as varied as the skillsets each brings to ZAG – from strategy and development to project management to administration.
But it’s their responses to some cheeky questions – “describe yourself in high school’’; “fun facts about you … special talents”; “activity on a perfect day off”; and “some of your favorite things” – that really paints a more personal portrait of each. For instance, one is a former locomotive engineer. Another has a “weird’’ intuition for locating misplaced items. There’s a fan of open-wheel auto racing, and an “Air Force brat” who would treasure a perfect day to track his treasured car. One who uses free time to design interiors. An aspiring troubadour who once tried out for “American Idol.” A charity volunteer. A self-described “chocoholic,’’ and another who insists mixing a bag of popcorn and M&Ms is the “best” way to enjoy a movie.
They also have shared likes: a real soft spot for animals, especially dogs. They, too, admire the ZAG staff’s warm embrace and the company’s efforts to ensure employees have a healthy work/life balance. Let’s meet our newest ZAG teammates:

  • Jack Asliev, Quality Assurance Analyst, is an experienced QA analyst with more than six years in software-development testing, and a decade in IT. Jack speaks five languages and does volunteer charity work. He enjoys “properly cooked” quinoa and green tea. Though ZAG management, co-workers and parking are pluses, CFO Mark Sarni is Jack’s “favorite ZAG employee.’’ Hmmm.
  • Nicole Hallahan, Project Manager, has spent 12 years in project management, mainly in retail-marketing. In high school, Nicole excelled at sports and has embraced her husband’s enthusiasm for Formula 1 racing. “To keep up with him, I make a point to read everything I can about the sport!” Nicole’s penchant for interior design has led to requests “to come decorate their homes after they have visited mine!” We sure hope Nicole helps turn this place into an HGTV-worthy office!
  • Jennifer Dustin, Project Manager, has held various sales, marketing and management posts since starting her career in Portland, Oregon, later relocating to Connecticut. A self-described nerd in high school -- “I always had a book (or five) on me at all times.’’ Her ideal day off is sleeping in or huddling with a good book. While breakfast foods are her favorite, Jennifer insists on mixing her popcorn and M&Ms at the movie. “All other opinions are WRONG!
  • Kimberly Hall, Project Manager, has held various project management and marketing communications posts in small and large companies in Connecticut and New York. In high school, Kim worked on her school newspaper, played sports and worked part-time. “I am a pretty good baker and make an awesome cheesecake. She also states that she “can’t live without chocolate or coffee.” Good thing we always have both of those things at ZAG!
  • Jenna Paternostro, Digital Strategist, was a marketing manager for five years for an interactive print marketing before joining ZAG. Jenna is a twin and -- no shock to anyone here -- was voted “most friendly’’ her senior year in high school. Outside of work, Jenna is a poet, juggler, self-taught guitarist, and a singer who even auditioned for “Idol” a few years back. Curling up with a glass of wine and an Agatha Christie mystery, and mom’s Christmas lasagna, and are among her favorites. “I absolutely love all things horror and thriller related -- those are my favorite kinds of movies and TV shows." Shhh, we’ve placed a plastic rat nearby her desk – just to keep her comfortable.
  • Jennifer Inho, Digital Strategist, previously worked at a CT university and developed its law school’s social strategy. Jen’s ideal day is snuggling with her dog, lounging on the beach, or travel. Her favorites are her Nonna’s chicken cutlets, margaritas, “anything chocolate,’’ and Disney’s The Parent Trap. There’s one more on Jen’s hit parade: "I love doing DIY projects, especially with old furniture.’’
  • Chris Smith, Web Application Developer, spent his early career in construction, piloting a locomotive that ferried crushed rock at a Branford, CT quarry. In later years, Chris returned to school, obtained his computer science degree, and spent the last 20 years as a web developer. A cat lover, he’s also an avid fresh- and saltwater fisherman, with a small fleet of watercraft. Ahoy!
  • Ashley Ouellette, Administrative Assistant, has spent more than nine years as an administrative professional. ZAG’s welcoming co-workers and culture have eased the former high school “jock’s’’ transition to ZAG. A beach day with family, or a plate of buffalo wings, are on her short list of pleasures. But Ashley also admits to an unusual, but insightful gift. “I'm weirdly perceptive and notice where people leave things and can usually tell them where they left the item.” Now, where are those keys?
  • Greg Seay, Content Strategist, is a veteran business journalist who has worked at small, mid-size and large newspapers in Oklahoma, Texas and Connecticut. "Boy, I was anything but a high school jock... I'm an Air Force brat who spent much of his pre-college youth hopscotching the globe.” Greg enjoys music and to relax, does crossword, word jumble and Sudoku puzzles daily. He also frequents consignment shops for vintage wear. Greg’s into mostly non-fiction, science-fact articles/TV shows. His perfect day would involve racing his car on a track. Vrrrmm! Vrrrmm!

 ZAG is always hiring, so if you’re looking to join our team, let’s play ball! Explore our current openings and apply!

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