October 21 2019

Integrated Marketing: The Secret to Success

integrated marketingEffective marketing is as much an art as it is a science. Today’s consumers are inundated with flashy messages and appealing offers—and the more content we consume, the more diluted those messages become. So as a business trying to reach your audience, how do you pull away from the pack? The secret lies with integrated marketing.

Make it count

You only have a few seconds to capture a person’s interest, so use them wisely. Your brand message should be clear, consistent, and memorable. You want prospects and customers to picture themselves using your services and understand how your business can add value to their lives. Why should they choose you over a competitor? This is the question your brand message needs to answer—often and consistently in multiple places. The more frequently your message shows up in a meaningful way, the higher the likelihood customers will engage with your business.

Be consistent

Integrated marketing reaches people where they’re at. Everyone consumes information differently—and constantly. Having a myriad of tactics in your arsenal increases brand exposure and helps drive your message home. But using them arbitrarily can do more harm than good. A disjointed message is confusing and ineffective, so be strategic and highly intentional. Think of your tactics like puzzle pieces fitting together to create an overarching story that helps customers understand your value proposition and why it matters.

Remember, consistency is key. A unified message across all channels fosters trust and nurtures lasting relationships. This is good news for engagement and conversion—according to Forbes, consistent brand messaging can increase purchase intent by up to 90%. Loyal customers will also come back for more and recommend your business to family and friends.

Mix outbound and inbound marketing

While marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, each tactic falls into one of two categories: outbound or inbound. Outbound marketing, or push marketing, intercepts your target audience with product pushes and information about your services. Inbound marketing, or pull marketing, is about creating meaningful, compelling content to draw in your audience. An effective marketing strategy marries the two. With expertise across all tactics, ZAG can help you craft a marketing plan that takes every channel into account.

  • Website: As the backbone of your marketing strategy, your website should serve up relevant content, services, and support in a way that’s intuitive and easy to navigate. ZAG specializes in customer-centric site redesigns that elevate your brand and provide all the tools you need to measure success.

  • Social media: Social media is an integral part of a successful marketing strategy, and for good reason. According to Ambassador, 71% of consumers who have a positive experience with your business on social media are likely to recommend it to others.

  • Search engines: Robust SEO and a thoughtful pay-per-click strategy work hand in hand to increase visibility of your business by driving high-quality search engine traffic to your site.

  • Email: A critical lead-generation tactic, email marketing keeps the conversation going with visitors who have expressed interest in your business. This highly measurable tactic can be extremely effective in boosting conversion, engagement, and loyalty.

  • Landing pages: Landing pages and microsites are lower-funnel destinations that use clear, benefits-oriented messaging to promote a particular campaign or service and encourage visitors to convert.

  • Traditional marketing: Digital may be king, but tried-and-true tactics like direct mail, print, and outdoor advertising are not to be overlooked. Print advertising remains a critical part of the customer journey and helps round out your 360-degree marketing strategy.

  • Blogs: Educational blogs can be key to not only bolstering SEO, but also adding value for your customers and positioning your business as a strategic partner and resource.

Get personal

Customers are more likely to engage with a brand whose story resonates, so make your message relatable. While accolades and endorsements carry weight, your audience wants to see and hear about regular people like them. Testimonials and ratings/reviews go a long way in helping build trust and credibility. Personalization can also be valuable, leveraging user behavior, interests, location, and more to serve up customized content. This creates a relevant experience targeted to the wants and needs of each individual customer.
Ready to elevate your brand with a top-of-the-line integrated marketing strategy? ZAG can help.

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