October 19 2018

How Giving Back Helps Your Business & Your Communities


90%25 of Americans support companies that give backGiving back to the community is an important civic duty. As a person and as a business, doing the right thing should be an important value and, and it goes without saying that it should always remain a selfless act. However, research has also shown that giving back to the community can also help your business in many ways.

Studies show that 90% of Americans are more likely to support a company that gives back to its communities. In fact, business ethics and values are a major deciding factor for consumers, and volunteerism plays a huge roll. Fortunately, giving back to the community may have reciprocal benefits for your business including brand awareness, employee loyalty, and attracting more business.

Volunteerism Supports Brand Awareness

82%25 of consumers consider social responsibility when deciding what companies to buy fromVolunteering in the community is an easy way to get your business’ name out there. Again, though the act of volunteering and purpose for your presence is always most important, it is also an effective way to display your company’s values and your brand. Looking for ideas? Host a road race, organize a food drive or give employees a volunteering day off once a year.

Whatever you decide, volunteering offers a way for employees to meet many members of the community and it also positions your business as loyal, ethical and fun. Still not convinced? Consider that 82% of U.S. consumers consider corporate social responsibility when deciding what products and services to buy.

Social Responsibility Cultivates Employee Loyalty

86%25 of GenY workers would quit their jobs if volunteer programs started to slipVolunteering provides employees with an opportunity to come together and engage outside of work. Social relationships at work are important for both team building and collaboration and helps with employee retention too. Not only is this important for current employees to form bonds, but it is also enticing for prospective employees. In fact, a recent survey found that 86% of generation Y workers would actually quit their jobs if corporate volunteer programs started to slip

Corporate Volunteerism Attracts More Business

Since more people are likely to support a business based on their involvement in the community, volunteering can put your business in a great position to attract new customers. Social media plays a vital role in consumers choices of products and services and can also serve as a great platform to promote volunteerism. Social media campaigns can also be very successful in attracting new business and displaying your business’ hard work.
Learn more about how ZAG has supported our local communities over the years, and talk to a ZAG strategist about dreaming up an integrated campaign around your business’s community involvement efforts.

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