October 02 2012

The New Face of Print Marketing

When you’re putting together your marketing strategy, what role does print marketing play?

Undoubtedly, print marketing still is vital through mailers, flyers for brick-and-mortar locations and sales materials. But it’s interesting how print strategies have evolved to complement digital strategies rather than work independently.

Technology advances have taken print to another level of interactivity rather than leaving it behind, at least for people looking for creative ways to blend the two. Print marketing can now be more personalized and targeted to your audience through a variety of capabilities.

How to Use QR Codes, PURLs and More

One of these is variable data printing, which is a print-on-demand concept that allows you to change graphics and text within individual printed materials. Essentially, each printed asset can feature a different look and message to reach a specific audience, if desired, without slowing down the printing process.

Of course, QR codes have become a mainstream strategy that enables your audience to scan an image on your printed material with their smartphones and connect to a microsite or other digital asset. It’s a smart, effective way to enhance the connection among your audience, printed messages and online lead-capture tools.

If your QR code links to a microsite or landing page, there’s an opportunity to introduce a personalized URL that attracts people’s attention. Typically, these PURLs, as they’re known, look like this: http://[UserName].CompanyName.com. A unique identifier is associated with the user name, which allows you to track responses.

Improve Your Print Marketing Materials

A recent poll by Graphic Design USA shows the growing popularity of these strategies: 72 percent of agencies surveyed are designing print projects that include digital components while 70 percent are working on print projects that are extensions of clients’ online campaigns.

It’s time to breathe new life into your print marketing materials. Contact ZAG Interactive to find out how we can help you capitalize on these trends. 

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