October 10 2011

5 Steps Toward a Better Website

Starting the web design process can be intimidating for anyone, but there’s value in analyzing the message you convey from your website. Design can be a tool used to create a remarkable first impression online and to elevate your company’s profile.

These five tips help you create a better website.

  1. Know who you are and support it: Your company is a brand, with a unique look, specific strengths and a defined mission. Identify what you want to achieve with your website and determine how your company is going to leverage your unique qualities to service your clients. Know who you are, and make sure that your website supports your identity with strong messaging and design that is evident throughout the site.
  2. Communication is key: Your website is a vital communication tool used to interact with your customers and the public at large. Make sure your message is broadcast effectively and efficiently. Your web marketing company should work with you to identify your goals, develop a strategy and to create a design that is a perfect fit. Keeping an open communication about what you want to achieve with your team will ensure a better process for everyone and ultimately a more effective site.
  3. Keep it simple, make it functional: Design is more than a pretty picture. It is a means to communicate a message and achieve a goal and should be secondary to the usability of the site. It doesn't matter how nice it looks if no one can use it! Keep your website simple to navigate, easy to read and make sure visitors can find the information they need.
  4. Make things flexible: While you may have a specific objective when you launch your site, keep in mind that the needs and goals of your company will change. Make sure your site is equipped to promote new content and information to keep things fresh and relevant.
  5. Market it! Congratulations – you have a new website! Now what? In addition to adding your URL to your printed marketing materials, there are various interactive marketing strategies, including social media posting, that you can use to get the word out and get your visitor count up!

A good website design should support the functionality and usability of your website – working together with your brand strategy and utilizing technology and marketing to position your company as an expert in your industry.

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