November 01 2019

Kentico CMS License Changes Coming in 2020

Kentico pricing changes 2020As a Kentico Gold partner, ZAG has recommended the CMS platform to hundreds of clients because of its powerful technology, scalability, support and price point. Like all technology, the Kentico platform continues to evolve, and Kentico will be changing their licensing model effective January 1, 2020. To help our clients navigate these changes, we’ve consolidated the most important information to help with planning and budgeting in 2020 and beyond.

Two Editions of Kentico: CMS & EMS

In January 2020, Kentico will be sunsetting its Base edition and changing the name of the Ultimate edition as well. This will result in two edition choices for new customers: CMS and EMS. Kentico will also be introducing an annual subscription model for clients who prefer to pay for the CMS annually versus the perpetual model of paying an up-front fee plus an annual 30% of that fee per server.

Price Increases for CMS & EMS

While Kentico does not frequently raise prices, there are some increases that will also come with new licenses starting in January. Specific pricing for perpetual and annual subscription models can be discussed with your ZAG representative once all criteria are known (e.g., number of sites, editions, hosting considerations).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I currently have the Base license, what impact does this announcement have?

A: Clients who currently have the Base license can keep it as-is until December 31, 2022, with the same recurring pricing that was contracted for. At some point before the end of 2022, you will need to upgrade to the CMS (formerly Ultimate) or EMS edition. Note that Kentico version 12 was the last version that the Base edition was offered.

Q: What if I don’t upgrade from Base before the end of 2022?

A: If you don’t upgrade your license, your website will continue to operate. However, you will not be able to do any upgrades or apply patches/hot fixes that are released by Kentico after that date. Note that Kentico supports the latest major version and the two previous major versions, so it’s always recommended to keep up with version upgrades. Currently, the major version is Kentico 12 and 12 MVC so Kentico currently supports sites on Kentico versions 10.x and above.

Q: If I upgrade from one license level to another, how does the pricing work?

A: Clients can always upgrade from one license level to another at any point (e.g., Ultimate/CMS to EMS). The price to upgrade works on a sliding scale depending on the purchase date, and specifics can be discussed with your ZAG representative.

Q: Do I need a separate license for each domain?

A: Yes. You will continue to need a separate license for each domain or subdomain, as you do now. If your site is built in MVC, there is no additional charge for the administrative subdomain.
As always, your ZAG team is here to help you navigate your specific situation, so please reach out us if you have any questions. You can also explore the Kentico product vision to learn more about where the CMS is headed.

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