November 25 2019

Guide to Managing Social Media Accounts During A Merger

social media merging platformsIf your company or institution is going through a merger, one of the questions that frequently comes up is how to merge both companies’ social media accounts. It likely won’t come as a surprise that the process is different with each social platform, so use this handy guide from ZAG Interactive to merging business accounts for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

How to Merge Facebook Accounts

If both businesses each have a Facebook account, you will need to merge them in order to limit confusion and maintain engagement with your existing communities. There are two ways to merge Facebook accounts for businesses. Internally you will need to decide which may be the best for your combined business.

One method is to create an entirely new page and join both the company pages into that new account. In this case, all posts, photos, and usernames, will be deleted during the account merge. Alternatively, you can choose to select a surviving page and join the other page with it. With this approach, the posts, photos and username of the surviving page only will be maintained. In either case, you will be able to retain the likes and check-ins from both pages, as they will be combined and displayed onto the new page. Once the pages are officially merged, you’ll want to update all profile details to match the new brand.

While merging social media accounts, the individual that requests the account merge will need to be an admin of all Facebook pages involved. The name of all Facebook pages, and the physical address of the locations should be the same. You can request the merge using Facebook’s provided process, or you could reach out to Facebook directly to make the merge request, below are instructions for how to do so:

  1. Go to Facebook Support

  2. Click “Get Started

  3. Click “Business Pages

  4. Click “Merge Two Pages

  5. Click "Chat with a Representative" - explain your merge situation/which pages you want to consolidate into a new page, and attach links to the individual Facebook pages, so your message is clear.

Typically, in 1-3 days your newly merged page will be complete. It’s recommended to time this with the launch of your new/combined brand so that you have a unified brand presence.

How to Merge LinkedIn Accounts

Similar to Facebook, before making the request to merge LinkedIn business accounts, you should determine if you want to create an entirely new page for the new brand and join the existing pages into that, or if you're going to pick a surviving page, update the information, and combine the soon-to-be-deactivated page. The reason to do the latter would be if you wanted to have post history on the page that you did not want to lose. Either way, you will retain all associated employees/followers.

To complete the merge, you need to contact LinkedIn to make the page merge request. Ensure your submission includes the following information:

  1. The company names exactly as they appear on their pages

  2. The URLs for the pages you want to merge

  3. The reason the pages should be combined

  4. A list of the pages to be deleted/retained

It's important to consider that once your page is combined with another company’s page, the action cannot be reversed, so make your decision wisely. Additionally, if you currently have job postings on your LinkedIn page, they will continue to be active but won't migrate to the preserved page, so you'll need to manually re-associate the job posting with the retained page. Keep in mind, there must be more than 100 employees associated with the page that you merge, so depending on your situation, you may need to ask employees to update their place of employment on their LinkedIn profiles.

How to Merge YouTube Accounts

Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, if you are interested in merging multiple YouTube accounts, unfortunately there is no current method available. However, you can retain videos from each account, whether you decide to update an existing channel or create an entirely new YouTube channel. Users can simply download the videos and re-upload to a different YouTube channel as needed.

If one of your YouTube channels has a lot of videos and/or followers, it might be in your best interest to simply update that channel to save time and avoid starting from scratch. you won't be starting from scratch.

How to Merge Instagram Accounts

Despite being owned by Facebook, Instagram is like YouTube in that there is also no way to merge multiple accounts. Therefore, it’s smart to pick a surviving page - again, one with the most significant number of followers. Then update the name of the profile to match your new brand. Lastly, make sure to delete the other account, so you don't confuse visitors and direct traffic to a non-active account.

Communication is Key

As a best practice, before consolidating your social media accounts, don’t forget to notify followers on pages being deleted and encourage them to follow the new page. A social media campaign across platforms is a nice way to introduce visitors to your new brand. Feel free to contact us with any questions, and also discuss how a defined social media strategy can support your new brand and business goals.

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